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Medea In The Mirror Essay

638 words - 3 pages

Emmanuel Mensah

Nathaniel C. Leonard

English 144

6 – 3 – 2011

Medea in the Mirror

The story Medea in the Mirror was written by Jose Triana in the early 60s during the period of the Cuban revolution. The play clearly explores some thoughts similarly to the Roman edition of Medea myth written by Euripides. Medea in the Mirror furthermore represents Latin American plays base on Greek novels, because they all contain a sequence of similar elements such as, the outline of both plot, the task of the characters and the intrusion of songs. It can therefore observed that Jose Triana wrote Medea in the Mirror to shed light on the racial, gender, social, spiritual and economic disparities during that era of Batista rule.

Jose Triana main character known as Maria a black woman of high social class in ...view middle of the document...

There is a scene in the play on (pg 134) in which Maria’s old mistress Erudina converse with each other; Maria instead of showing respect to her old mistress Erudina’s presence rater speaks out in a rude tone of voice.(pg 134) “But lately you can’t even talk to Erundina. Old age has simple manifested her faults”?

Maria’s improper behavior toward her households does not only underline the differences in their social levels but mainly her many ways of thinking that distinguishes her and people she interact in her society. Being a single mother with kids and her husband chasing after women, Maria felt like she felt lonely which had numerous negative effects toward her husband Julian leading to her killing of her own kids. After the death of her children she utters a wild cry (pg 182) “I am God” Her final words at the end of the play show the distinction she observes between herself and the rest of the people in her society.

Maria’s status also made her search for revenge in order for her to instigate and win the heart of Julian but ironically lead to the death of many of the characters in the play. Maria’s search for revenge begins when her husband Julian leaves her for power and prestige of the daughter of Perico. Maria becomes disturbed over the news after she reflects upon all that she has sacrifice for Julian. She went on her own and had children with someone not from her own race which was considered a taboo during that period. In short Julian’s inability to remain faithful to Maria, who was obsessed with him, caused Maria such a vengeance. Her actions in killing of the characters in the play were somehow justified due to the wrongs Julian committed against her.

Julian’s status a white man with mulata woman was obvious in his decision to betray Maria the mother of their children. Julian felt that marry a woman of her own kind will give her the kind of social status he wanted. This lead to Maria precipitous deed in the middle and at the end of the play when she takes vengeance on the wealth landowner and his daughter by sending them poisoned wine and her children.

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