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Med Law And Bio Ethics Essay

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Med Law & Bioethics HS101
Unit Four Assignment,
Zidlicky, Dawn

A patient has just left the office after having an outpatient surgery procedure. As you get ready to put away the patient’s file, you realize that the patient has forgotten to take his prescriptions and after-care instruction sheets home with him. It is vital for proper healing and recovery for the patient to have these documents. You know you will have to contact this patient so you look inside for his contact information and signed HIPAA Release of Information form.
• Under HIPAA, are you legally allowed to view this patient’s medical information? Why or why not?
Under HIPAA, you are not allowed to view this Patient’s Medical information. As I read in unit four reading even though a medical assistant does have access to the patient’s records you do not automatically have permission to get into their records. Not even if it is ...view middle of the document...

This way I ensure that I am not violating the patient’s privacy.
•List 3 ways patient confidentiality is maintained in the reception/waiting area of a medical office.
Three ways patient confidentiality can be maintained in the reception/ waiting area of a medical office:
The first thing would be not discussing any type of patient information in the lobby where other patients are going to be able to hear. The second thing is to be sure that computer screen with the patient information is out of sight of other patients eyes. The third thing as a receptionist you must make sure that none of your patient records are left open for other people to view.
List 3 ways patient confidentiality is maintained in the reception/waiting area of a medical office. (n.d.). Retrieved January 29, 2015, from

• A breach of confidentiality can result in what consequences for a health care professional?
For a health care professional a breach of confidentiality can result in termination of the medical assistant or the other consequence could be a lawsuit filed by a citizen. Violation or breech can also have a devastating consequence on the hospitals reputation. Basically you can get sued the hospital can get sued and you can lose your license.
Employee Consequences for Breach of Confidentiality. (n.d.). Retrieved January 29, 2015, from

• Identify and explain two exceptions to confidentiality in healthcare settings.
Two exceptions to confidentiality in healthcare settings would be mental health patients and them presenting a serious threat to self or others. The Privacy Rule permits the care provider to disclose necessary patient information to law enforcement and family members. Another exception to confidentiality in a healthcare setting would elder abuse. This is when elderly people are being treated harmful. Reporting in this type of situation is mandated in 16 states.

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