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Mechatronics Essay

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Online Robotic Surgery: Exploring Cutting Edge Synergistic Revolution in the Field of Mechatronics

Abstract - Changing world, increasing demands of our versatile environment had made vital for the technologies like Mechatronics in concomitant with MEMS to emerge in the field of medical. New developments in these traditional disciplines are being absorbed into mechatronics design at an ever-increasing pace. This paper reports the preliminary work in the field of mechatronics and various paragon of this rapid adaptation of technologies to design surgical robots. With the ongoing information in technology revolution, especially in wireless communication, smart sensors design (enabled by ...view middle of the document...

”Essential in this definition is the system approach. This implies that the system is designed and optimized as a whole and not in sequential steps. However, not every design made by mean of a system’s approach in a mechatronic design. By concentrating on a limited application area a mechatronic designer should have the domain specific knowledge to realize really advanced products. Mechatronic design also implies teamwork. Specialists with a background in mechanical and electrical engineering, control and computer engineering should cooperate in a team, in all phases of the design to come to a synergistic combination. Mechatronics Area Intersections in given in Fig. 1 

II. Introduction to Robotic Surgeries

Robotic technology is designed to extend the types of procedures that can be performed by minimally invasive surgery to a wider array of patient types. Where human doctors require large open areas to undertake operations, robotic technology offers the clinical and technical capabilities operating through tiny incisions. The numerous benefits to the patient include a reduced risk of infection and blood loss, speedier recovery time and less scarring. Robotically-assisted surgery was developed to overcome the limitations of minimally invasive surgery. Instead of directly moving the instruments, the surgeon uses one of two methods to control the instruments; either a direct telemanipulator or by computer control. A telemanipulator is a remote manipulator that allows the surgeon to perform the normal movements associated with the surgery whilst the robotic arms carry out those movements using end-effectors and manipulators to perform the actual surgery on the patient.

In computer-controlled systems the surgeon uses a computer to control the robotic arms and its end-effectors, though these systems can also still use telemanipulators for their input. Robotic surgery, computer-assisted surgery, and robotically-assisted surgery are terms for technological developments that use robotic systems to aid in surgical procedures. One advantage of using the computerised method is that the surgeon does not have to be present, indeed the surgeon could be anywhere in the world, leading to the possibility for remote surgery.

One health care facility to recently invest in the da- Vinci Surgical System is Capital Health's Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton, Canada. Initially they will use the system primarily for laparoscopic radical prostatectomies – a procedure that removes the prostate gland and some surrounding tissue – to treat prostate cancer. "For urology patients, the robot will reduce the risk of impotency and urinary incontinence, and improve outcomes.


Figure 1

III. The Surgical Arm Cart

Handles motions are sensed by high-resolution motion sensors, processed and transferred to the two surgical manipulators. These slave manipulators (surgical arms) provide three degrees...

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