Measuring The Quality Of Electronic Journals In University Library: Based On Five Year Impact Factor Data In The Journal Citation Reports

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2.0 Literature Review

Using of high quality electronic journals is a necessity in the academic and scholarly world. This section summarizes the evolution of printed journal up to present electronic journals along with discussions of high quality electronic journals usage and the availability of high impact factor journals. All information collects for this study consists from variety sources which comprise of electronic journals, search engines, online database, and books. Literature reviews are useful for synthesizing what has been done so far, and for identifying what needs to be done.

2.1 Electronic Journal Development
Electronic resources represent a large portion of many ...view middle of the document...

Ray and Day (1998) found that students are increasingly interested to use electronic resources while at university. Some 90 per cent of respondents acknowledged access to a networked computer via the university, or more Internet access is from work place than from home. Features like easy and speedy access to back volumes and hyperlinks attracted the researchers towards accessing electronic journals as well as access to full text browsing. The study conducted by Liew, Schubert and Chemupati (2000) indicates significantly high acceptance of electronic journals by graduate students.

In 2002 and 2003, the Libraries Deanship of UAEU made a commitment to cancel printed journals and migrate to an all e-journal collection. As a result, the UAEU community currently has access to a huge number of e-journals. Elsevier’s ScienceDirect, Springer-Link, Blackwell-Synergy, Wiley- InterScience, Institute of Physics (IOP), Oxford University Press online, JSTOR, and Emerald are the prominent “bundled” databases giving UAEU faculty and students desktop electronic access to a wide selection of journal literature (Ali, 2005).

The transition from print to electronic medium, apart from resulting in a growth of electronic information, has provided users with new tools and applications for information seeking and retrieval (Tsakonas & Papatheodorou, 2006). According to Al Fadhli & Johnson (2006), electronic publishing in its various forms including e-books, e-journals, e-prints, databases or hypertext pages, whether online or CD-ROM has transformed the media in which information can be delivered to meet the ever increasing demands of library clientele in the electronic environment.

2.2 Quality Journal
We are living in the information age where there are more researchers living and producing information than in all the previous centuries of mankind. This proliferation of research publications makes it difficult for scholars to assess the output because of the high degree of newly specialized journals within a discipline. For emerging disciplines, however, journals may also contain quality research but cannot be evaluated from the process of rating the quality of the journal. According to S. Nazim, Young & Nasser (1996) believed that quality research articles tend to get published in highly reputable journals, and this may apply for well-established disciplines.

Morris, Harvey and Kelly (2009) stated that the Association of Business Schools (ABS) Journal Quality Guide is based on elements of the methods used in institutional lists, peer surveys, citation studies and derived lists. As such, it is best described as a hybrid list combining the virtues of different approaches and developed through an iterative process.

There are several methods used in determining the quality journal, the following methodologies are commonly used: citation analysis; peer analysis; circulation; and coverage in indexing or abstracting services (Quality markers and use of...

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