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Measuring Quality Of Care In Hospitals

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Measuring Quality of Services in Hospital
The application of quality-management practices by manufacturers and service providers has become increasingly widespread. Recognition of the differences between manufacturing and services through the dimensions of intangibility, inseparability, and heterogeneity of service products. A hospital is an institution whose primary function is to provide inpatient diagnostic and therapeutic services for a variety of medical conditions, both surgical and non-surgical. In addition, most hospitals provide some outpatient services, particularly emergency care. Hospitals may be classified by length of stay (short-term or long-term), as teaching ...view middle of the document...

Although the published literature contains many references to quality and customer perceptions of the medical profession from a clinical perspective, very little research has been conducted into non-clinical aspects of the quality of medical care.

1. Hospital Administrators
CEO, Vice Presidents, Executive Assistants, Department Heads or Business people who “run the hospital” oversee budgeting and finance establish hospital policies and procedures often perform public relation duties
Informational Services
Document and process information Includes:
2. Admissions
3. Advance directives
4. Medical Records
5. Computer Information Systems
6. Interpreter services
7. Human Resources
Therapeutic Services Provides treatment to patients Includes following departments:
8. Physical Therapy - treatment to improve large muscle mobility
9. Occupational Therapy - treatment goal is to help patient regain fine motor skills
10. Speech/Language Pathology - identify, evaluate, treat speech/language disorders
11. Respiratory Therapy - treat patients with heart & lung disease
12. Medical Psychology - concerned with mental well-being of patients
13. Social Services - connect patients with community resources (financial aid, etc.)
14. Pharmacy - dispense medications
15. Dietary - maintain nutritionally sound diets for patients
16. Sports Medicine - provide rehabilitative services to athletes
17. Nursing - provide care for patients
Diagnostic Services
18. Determines the cause(s) of illness or injury Includes:
19. Medical Laboratory - studies body tissues
20. Medical Imaging - radiology, MRI, CT, Ultra Sound
21. Emergency Medicine -provides emergency diagnoses & treatment
Support Services
Provides support for entire hospital Includes:
22. Central Supply - orders, receives, stocks & distributes equipment & supplies
23. Biomedical Technology - design, build repair, medical equipment
24. Housekeeping & Maintenance - maintain safe, clean environment
Hospital Services Good practices Bad practices

Admission services
Admissions counselor will call the patient to obtain preliminary information, provide important information regarding the hospital...

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