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Meaningful Dialgue Means Effective Listening Essay

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Meaningful Dialogue Means Effective Listening
Tarenzo P. Clemmons
COM200: Interpersonal Communication
Prof. Danielle Doud
August 17, 2015

Meaningful Dialogue Means Effective Listening
Self-disclosure is very important, especially in an intimate relationship where a couple is dating or married. The benefits of self-disclosure are great, because both parties begin and continue to understand each other and know things about each other that other people would not necessarily understand very quickly. Becoming comfortable enough with one’s own emotions and feelings, and being confident enough to communicate them is a great thing when it pertains to couples elevating and prospering in ...view middle of the document...

” (para. 5). I have been in random conversations like these even with my wife. Constant communication is not enough without getting something out of it besides the benefit of just being able to say that we were able to talk over lunch or dinner in my opinion.
I agree that self-disclosure is important and directly related to satisfaction in relationships, because whether you stay in or leave a particular relationship, you realize that at least you were able to listen and communicate with the other person effectively because they were comfortable enough to pour out their feelings to you on a consistent basis. “If you are constantly open, disclosing information about yourself, this can create vulnerability, but not sharing any information and maintaining privacy prevents the development of intimacy.” (Bevan, J. L., & Sole, K., 2014). Now, self-disclosure does not always bring forth optimistic results, but at least it was done. I have experienced in my own life sometimes when I communicate my thoughts and feelings, so that the next person can “get” me or understand me better, it does not always play out the way that I thought it would.
Gender differences are a big thing in relationships for obvious reasons, but from an emotional perspective, I have found that women always want to hear how good they look and how much you love them, like them, or just enjoy being with them on a consistent basis. Men, on the other hand, are...

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