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Me Myself And The World Essay

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An analysis of generic conventions in the trailers for the movies ‘John Tucker Must Die’ & ‘Mean Girls’

An analysis in terms of generic conventions in the trailers for the movies “John Tucker must die” and “Mean Girls”. Genre is defined as ‘A large category of stories united by their particular settings, characters, themes and narrative conflicts’ (Worland 2007, pg15). This assignment will look at the generic conventions a coming of age/ teen film (what we expect to see), aspects such as typical situations, stock characters, style, icons and setting. In terms of themes in coming of age (teen films) (subjects that are dealt with within the text) they tend to focus around, first love, ...view middle of the document...

Iconography is described as ‘the things you expect to see and the sounds you expect to hear taken collectively tell you the type of film or genre you are watching’ (AS Film Studies: The Essential Introduction 2006, pg70).

Typical situations


Style is the way the movie is produced… cinematography … (camera/lighting)

Stock characters are the characters which are common to the genre of the movie.

‘John Tucker Must Die’ and ‘Mean Girls’ share many similar genre codes and conventions. Genre if a French word meaning ‘type’, and film genres have existed since the early days of cinema. Both films contain ingredients found in most if not all American rom-com’s / coming of age films. (INSERT QUOTE ON GENRE) ‘’teen films represent predominantly teen characters in teen-centred narratives targeted’ – [Doherty’s: teen movies: page 22]. All the main characters are teenagers, the difference between the two movies is one focuses on teenage girls in terms of acceptance in high school life, and the other focuses on the struggles of high school life more concentrated on the opposing sex.

In the trailer for ‘John Tucker Must Die’ the opening sequence: in terms of sound we here a well-recognised teen, American band ‘All American rejects- dirty little secrets’, the song straight away tells you that the film you are going to see will focus around ‘secret’s and the conation of the phrase dirty little secret can be used to refer to the idea of john having several girlfriends at once, the mentions of sexual activity and we see in the trailer girls from different ‘cliques’ all after the same guy, showing teenagers share common preferences. In terms of typical situations and stock characters we see cheerleaders, jocks, basketball and a canteen.

The themes that run through both the movies are also similar. In ‘Mean Girls’ the main theme is Overcoming adversity and acceptance, and just like John tucker must die “Mean Girls” forcefully points out the power of cliques, how they keep high school students confined through both external and internal pressures. Like a modern-day caste system, you can only eat at certain tables in the cafeteria reserved for “your kind.” And if you break the clique rules of conformity (such as, for “The Plastics,” wearing the wrong outfit on a certain day of the week), then you run the risk of being rejected by your caste. Cady has been home schooled and raised in the African bush country by her zoologist parents. This offers several opportunities for the movie to make humorous parallels...

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