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Me As Well Essay

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1. Socio-cultural aspect-(different countries involved)
It depends how the Jollibee Food Corp. socialize
and serve from their different valuable customer
to, their different culture
2. Political aspect-(charity institution) helping the government through their different institution
3. Economic aspect- the growth of the company
-the value of the product that they serve
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g. leaflets, tarpaulin, television
* We believe financial planning is necessary if you want to enjoy a secure financial future - no matter what you aim to achieve in life and no matter how much money you earn.


1. Labor (attitude, behavior, functuality & AWOL)
2. Sales
3. Training
4. Equipments
5. Management
6. Discounts (SCD)

1. Labor
* Giving suspension
* Close door or open forum
2 . Sales
* Doing advertisement
* New sets of promos
3. Training
* Staff’s seminar
* Program/project in terms of training
4. Equipments/Facilities
* Proper cleaning and using
* Monthly monitoring o maintenance
5. Management
* Monthly meeting (KAMUSTAHAN)
* Outing or bonding session
6. Discounts ( SCD)
* Tap board menu
* Customer relation or approach


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