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Me As I Know Her Essay

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Me As I Know Her

When I think of my life as a child and now as a parent. My views on life have changed to think of how to become a better person and parent. I will briefly discuss some of my life experiences that shaped me into the person that I am. I will also analyze some of the theories that apply to psychological development and how some of these theories pertain to my life.
I grew up in a single-family home with my mother finishing school and taking care of my older sister, older brother, my baby sisters and I. A man who was absent from my life, that was my father I did not know. My parents got divorced when I was just an infant. I feel this is where my trust issues come ...view middle of the document...

7), so I do possess some of my mother’s traits.
Life is not perfect and I do not think I had the best life and up bringing but I can say I do remember having family gatherings and outings at the beach, parks and resorts. I can remember spending one of my grandma’s birthday and Memorial day at Black Lake resort which I loved this place as a child it was beautiful to me. Beautiful green landscape with golf courses and lakes that where around the resort and play areas. But I can remember the last time we spent there I did not like this place as much because my mother embarrassed me in front of all my family. I had got a spanking for playing around in the kitchen at dinnertime and I broke my plate and all my food went on the floor. I was so upset already that I had dropped my plate so I did not think my mom should have made things worse by punishing me with a spanking. “Freud theorized that our early childhood experiences and memories play a central role in personality development and its inherent problems” (Witt & Mosser, 2010, 2.2). This is another reason I tried to hide in the background of others and one of the reasons I was shy as a child and a young adult.
I do recollect that I would have been a more out spoken person and could have tried the things I wanted to do as a child and teenager like play the piano and also do ballet. But I guess I will have to live vicariously through my children because my middle daughter who is eight years old received a dance scholarship for ballet and this is her third year doing ballet. Oh how I love that she has the opportunity to be able to dance she truly enjoys it. I am so proud of her. My oldest daughter excels academically she is an outstanding reader and writer she gets straight A’s so I live through her as well because I was not ever good at writing and I disliked reading as a teenager and struggled with pronunciation of words during reading as a child.
I can recall having to do plenty of chores to keep the house clean and grocery shopping at a young age. I know my mother was trying to teach my siblings and I how to be able to take of our selves as adults when that time came for us to be on our own. However I felt that this took away from my childhood because my older sister, brother and I kept the place spotless, we hardly played outside. Then again I stayed in quite often because of my selfishness I did not want to take my baby sister out with me to play every time I wanted to play outside. As a result I had to sit in my room plenty of days and that is how I developed to enjoy taking naps and still today as an adult I love taking naps. Naps are what I consider “me time” for myself. My mom’s friend would make commits that they did not know she even had children because the home was always so clean.
Longing for my father as a child and adult. Wishing my mom and dad were together and we could be a family to do the things kids did with their father. I wanted what some of my...

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