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Me As A Business Management Student

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In companies large and small, ranging from manufacturers to service providers, business managers play a key role in contributing to an organization’s profitability and viability. The role of a business manager can vary widely depending on the industry and size of the organization. As a company’s needs change, its business managers may be required to take on additional responsibilities. The wide range of business skills needed in this profession can be acquired through a bachelor’s degree in business administration program with a specialization in management.
Job Outlook for Business Managers
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that employment of ...view middle of the document...

Most business managers work in comfortable offices and generally have support staff. Those employed by firms with multiple locations may be required to pay regular visits to various local, regional or international offices, and many business managers travel to attend conferences and meetings. Some business managers may have opportunities for temporary or permanent job transfers to different offices around the country or overseas. Most professionals in this role put in at least a 40-hour week. Flexible hours and overtime are often required to meet business demands, but in return, business managers typically enjoy high salaries and excellent benefits.
Potential Salary
According to BLS data from May 2009, the average annual income for general and operations managers was $110,550. The middle 50% earned between $63,750 and $138,960. Salaries for the lowest 10% were around $45,780, while the highest 10% brought in upwards of $166,400. Recent bachelor’s graduates will generally start out toward the lower end of the range; those who attain further experience and advanced education are eligible for executive-level positions at the top of the pay scale.
Education and Training
Most business managers hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in business administration, but education and experience required by employers can vary by size and industry. Smaller companies are more likely to hire bachelor’s graduates and allow them to work their way up, while large national or international firms may require candidates to hold an advanced degree, such as an MBA, or have extensive managerial experience.
The first step to a successful business manager career can be a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a specialization in management. Coursework typically includes principles of accounting, applied decision methods for business, finance for managers and business ethics.
Employers can be confident that graduates of a business administration program with a specialization in management are able to:
Apply organizational theories to solve various business issues.
Practice sound decision-making.
Identify and avoid potential problems using quantitative techniques.
Demonstrate management skills such as leadership, planning and organization.
Leverage advanced skills and knowledge to succeed as a business manager.
Many employers offer opportunities for continuing education. It’s possible to gain an entry-level position with a bachelor’s degree and use tuition assistance to pay for a master’s degree.
Embarking on the Path to a Business Manager Career
Are you a natural leader who enjoys solving complex problems? A career as a business manager may be a great fit! You’ll need the ability to work independently and think critically, as well as an understanding of complex financial data and excellent written and oral communication skills. If you possess these essential attributes, enrolling in a bachelor’s degree in business administration program with a...

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