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Me And My School Essay

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Mini-Case: Reaching An Agreement on Flex Time The primary causes of workplace conflict are seen as personality clashes and warring egos (49%), followed by stress (34%) and heavy workloads (33%). Culture also plays a part in the perception of causes.
—CPP, Workplace Conflict\
Although each organization is unique in its structure and culture, there are still commonalities when it comes to conflict. As you have discovered in the Learning Resources, regardless of the type or location of an organization, personality differences and job-related stress can result in conflict.As you review the Learning Resources for this week and prepare to write your Discussion posting, contemplate the following: ...view middle of the document...

He argued that he is always accessible by his cell phone or computer and that he could very easily work a few hours of his job from home. To this, Norma replied that she needed him in the office because the nature of the business is unpredictable, and she did not want to be dependent on a cell phone or Internet connection to stay in touch with one of her most useful team members. With that, she closed the dialogue.When Norm detailed the conversation to his wife, it resulted in another argument. The next day, Norm decided to share his frustrations with a friend in the office. "It should not be a problem for Norma," he fumed. "She is without an immediate family and obviously does not want one. Of course she would not understand my problems."Unfortunately for Norm, as Norma was preparing to speak with him about the latest project, she overheard him. She called him into her office and gave him a reprimand.Norma's Need for OrderNorma's life has never been easy. At the age of 42, she could proudly say that she had earned her position through hard work and extra effort. It was no secret that she was one of the most promising managers and a likely candidate for a vice presidency in a few years. She knew other employees complained at that and made suggestions that there must be other reasons for her rapid advancement in the company. Norma managed to ignore the majority of these comments but once had to file a harassment complaint against an employee who had implied to others that she was having a relationship with the division head. Part of the problem, she supposed, was that she was a demanding manager. She understood that it could be difficult to work for her. She wanted top performance from her staff at all times. The marketing business is ruthless and fast-moving, and those that fall behind, stay behind.It was this understanding and a strong work ethic that propelled Norma from the rank-and-file staff several years before her colleagues. Her devotion to her job has not been without a price. Her friends and family constantly harass her to take more time for a personal life, and though she would love a vacation, she feels that she cannot afford the time away from the office. Recently, Norma was assigned a large project, a huge indication of trust from her superiors as well as an opportunity for her entire team to display their competence. If this project is successful, all of them will reap the benefits. One day, one of her best staff members, Norm, approached her and asked about the possibility of arranging flexible work-from-home hours.Norm has been a reliable worker for 10 years, though recently he's seemed slightly less engaged. Norma tried to emphasize the importance of this new project, explaining the entire team would need to be fully committed for it to succeed. But she...

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