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Mcitp Guide To Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Server Administration (Exam #70 646) Chapter 3 Solutions

2891 words - 12 pages

Chapter 3 Solutions

Review Questions

1. You have installed Windows Server 2008 and had to provide a new driver file for the disk drives in your computer. Now it seems like the disk drives are not responding as quickly as advertised. What can you do?
Answer: b. Ensure that the DMA transfer mode is configured for the drives.

2. Each time that you access files on a disk, the monitor blinks or goes blank for several seconds. What might be the source of the problem and possible solution?
Answer: d. There is an IRQ conflict and you need to use Device Manager to resolve the problem.

3. You have just used the servermanagercmd command to install two server roles. Which of the following ...view middle of the document...

Which of the following tools enable you to remove a server role? (Choose all that apply.)
Answer: d. ServerManagercmd.exe

10. _____ enables Windows Server 2008 to verify that a device driver is secure.
Answer: Driver signing

11. When programs are running in Windows Server 2008, _____ monitors their use of memory to be sure they do not cause memory problems.
Answer: Data Execution Prevention (DEP)

12. Your server keyboard sometimes hesitates or seems like it is disconnecting from the computer. Which of the following tools enables you to run a quick check on whether the keyboard is working properly?
Answer: c. Device Manager

13. _____ Protocol is used for combined voice and video transmissions.
Answer: Reliable Multicast

14. The purpose of the scwcmd rollback command is to _____.
Answer: roll back the most recent changes to the Security Configuration Database

15. Your server has a virus with elements of the virus embedded in the Registry. The virus checker has located these elements, but cannot delete them. What tool can you use to delete these virus elements in the Registry?
Answer: b. regedit

16. You are working in PowerShell and receive a call that users cannot use the print services through the server. What command can you run to quickly determine services that are running or are stopped?
Answer: b. get-service

17. Which of the following be accomplished through using the Security Configuration Wizard? (Choose all that apply.)
Answer: a. disable unused services, b. configure firewall rules, and d. analyze security settings

18. Which of the following are Registry elements? (Choose all that apply.)
Answer: b. keys and c. values

19. Your server has 4 GB of RAM. What should the initial amount of virtual memory be set to?
Answer: d. 6144 MB

20. Your company is working to save costs by conserving the power consumption of its servers. Which of the following default power plans should you select for Windows Server 2008 servers?
Answer: c. power saver

Hands-On Projects Tips and Solutions for Chapter 3

Activity 3-1

Server Manager is an important tool for students to learn. This project provides an initial introduction to Server Manager by surveying its capabilities.

In Step 2, the three links are: Change System Properties, View Network Connections, and Configure Remote Desktop.

In Step 5, students should record if the firewall is turned on. Also, the firewall can be accessed and configured by clicking the Go to Windows Firewall link. Finally, students should record the date of the last update.

In Step 15, the link for technical resources is Windows Server TechCenter.

In Step 17, the three diagnostics tools are: Event Viewer, Reliability and Performance, and Device Manager.

Activity 3-2

One of the fundamental tasks for a server administrator is to install and remove server roles. Students practice these tasks in this activity using Server Manager.

In Step 7, the topics for...

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