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Mcdonald's Senior Restaurant Essay

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McDonalds' Senior's Restaurant

McMahon’s current strategy for senior citizens has been excellent. Realizing that a lot of people in her area belong to his homogenous group, she made the decision to offer a discounted meal to them on a monthly basis. Her marketing mix covers the 4 P’s in that the Product, which is essentially already developed, is their breakfast offering. Included with the good is outstanding customer service and friendliness with her customers. The branding and familiarity of her product has already been established as well as the Place. The product is available at the familiar and convenient Place every morning. The Promotion of her product is pretty much done on a national level through advertising and publicity. Her promotion also involved personal selling and customer service to those patrons in her local area as they visit the restaurant. McDonald’s is already known for their low meal prices, and then McMahon ...view middle of the document...

When most people go to fast food restaurants, they look at the line at the drive-thru and inside the restaurant as an indication of the type and speed of service I think I may get. If the seniors are getting their initial meal and then sitting down to socialize for the remainder of their stay, the lines will not be crowded, so it shouldn’t put off potential customers. It may discourage the few who want to get their food and sit and eat if there is little to no space left to sit when they go, but I don’t feel that it will affect the image on a significant way.
I feel that she should encourage the senior citizen market because she’s attracting and retaining this large group of customers without taking away from the rest of the potential customers.
I think the Bingo idea is a great creative strategy. This allows for McMahon to further improve her rapport with her senior citizen customers and increase revenue for the restaurant. Since the area that will be used for the function is not in the main sitting area, there should not be a problem with a crowded dining area. Additionally, since the prizes that would be offered are coupons for in-store purchases, it’s a potential win-win situation for the restaurant. The implementation of this activity would definitely increase the store’s competitive advantage because it not only brings the seniors in for Bingo, it could also bring them in at other times to use the coupons they have won.
I think that McMahon is taking care of her loyal customers and attempting to obtain new ones. With that being said, I also feel that she should consider developing creative strategy to benefit the remainder of her clientele as well. For instance, a kids’ night which offers discounted meals could potentially attract whole families and bring in a lot of revenue. Also, since it would be in the evening, it would not interfere with her promotional activities for the senior citizen customers.
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