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Mc Donald's Managing Stock To Meet Customer Needs: How Has The Role Of Restaurant Managers Changed At Mc Donald's In Relation To Stock Control Activities?

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McDonald's is a very well known brand in many countries around the world. It has its restaurants setup in around 120 countries and serves approximately 50 million people every day.McDonald's has been facing difficulties in managing its stock. This case discusses about how McDonald's used to manage its stock earlier and how its implementation of new stock management systems benefited the company.To manage stock efficiently, a balance is needed between meeting customers' needs reducing wastage. The latter factor can be done by precisely forecasting demand so that food doesn't need to be thrown away frequently & also capably controlling the stock of the raw materials. However, this can be difficult as customer preferences change very often. This would create McDonald's the needs focus on product proliferation & so reducing the waste becomes more challenging.Previously, ...view middle of the document...

To ensure that only fresh stock is always used, mangers at McDonald's used FIFO method to deal with the stock. The different types of stock that need to be managed werea.Raw materials. Ex: vegetables, meat, packagingb.Work in Progress. goods which are in the process of becoming finished goodsc.Finished products. These are goods which are ready for saleUsing the stock management system, McDonald's was able to ensure enough stock was available when needed at the same time minimizing the wastage of the food.McDonald's uses lean stock control. This means that they carry as little stock as possible. To help planners forecast stock correctly, managers communicate with the planners & inform them of factors that could affect sales.McDonald's also used stock control charts to show levels of stock against sales. Sales of products are replaced by new stock. Managers record stock levels after they close the store. They record major items daily and all items weekly on the store computer system. A web tool called Weblog is then used to view and amend orders. It creates a daily proposed order, which the manager can view and change. Once confirmed, Weblog sends the order to the distribution centre. It creates delivery notes to be checked against the delivery.AdvantagesAll parties gain from this stock management system. Managers gain because outlets run out of stock less often, and there is less waste bringing costs down which can be passed onto the customers. Also, time is saved so managers can concentrate on the customers who also benefit from fresher food. Factors such as national promotions are taken into account. Deliveries can be less frequent because amounts are more accurate saving money in transportation costs.Good stock management is important for a business to run efficiently. This new system implemented by McDonald's new system leads to greater accuracy in forecasting demand and minimizing waste. It also makes sure customers get what they need.Bibliography:Times 100, McDOnald's - Managing stock to meet customer needs

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