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Mcdonald's Influences And Project Management Essay

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McDonalds Influences and Project Management

In any organization there will be many influences that impact on the way that the firm operates and the way that they undertake operations and manage projects are influences by these factors. Looking at a large firm, such as McDonalds there are many internal and external factors.
McDonalds is operating in a complex environment with a number of different legal, social and economic influences. McDonalds has to comply with a range of local laws for each of the environments in which they are operating, these include labour laws, health and safety as well as retail and food safety laws. The firm has used the legal tools available to protect ...view middle of the document...

Major changes in the macro environment in terms of the perceptions of fast food, have been environmental issues such as the harm done to the environment farming and transporting goods, as well as health issues have been a major influences. Increased awareness of problems such as obesity and the need for a healthy diet, supported by government campaigns in many countries to try and encourage healthy eating have raised awareness of the unhealthy nature of fast food. This has impacted on many fast food chains, indeed many have made significant changes to the way in which food is prepared in order to accommodate the demand for healthy food, for example Yum! Brands have made a commitment to eliminating the use of all transfats, such as cooking fries in vegetable rather than animal fats (Yum! Brands, 2009). McDonald's is the largest fast food chain world, and as such it has been a specific targets; it was specifically targeted with the documentary called "supersize me", which created a negative image of the company and was also behind some of the falls sales and the drop in share prices during 2004 (Wilson, 2004).
Health issues and concerns have been addressed with the renewal of the menu, core items have remained on the menu, but new items also appeared. Many of the new items have the image of being healthier, including fruit packs and carrot sticks for children being offered in place of fries, as well as a wider range of standards and healthier items for adults. The way that the company seeks to encourage individual stores to become involved in the community, and company community action is seen, usually with projects aimed at children, that are very active measures being utilized in order to counter act negative publicity in image with more positive images.
The firm has had to adapt to the social situation internationally. When McDonald's initially started expanding it ignored the international cultural differences, with the aim of providing a uniform experience throughout the world. However, difficulties meant that it had to change, offering the same experience but adapting the menu in order to meet local cultural needs. For example For example, in France the menu has been adapted to meet local tastes, there are the familiar product ranges such as the Big Mac and fries, but there is also a more 'garlic' friendly menu, the inclusion of local salads and local cheeses and the development of the "Royal Deluxe" that is a localized burger with a strong mustard sauce in a large beef patty (Shanahan, 2008). In India there is an increased level of vegetarian items and the Big Mac is replaced by the Maharaja Mac, made of lamb rather than beef (Kotler and Keller, 2008).
There are a number of notable economic influences, the global recession has been a major impact. During recessions there will be an impact on the demand for fast food as this may be argued as non-essential goods, therefore it is a product that will see a decrease in demand when there...

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