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Mcdonald's Essay

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Environmental Policies at McDonald’s

Environmental Policies at McDonald’s:
McDonald’s has set a very good example of how doing the environmentally right thing can serve the dual purpose of saving the environment and making business profitable. At a time when environmental issues were gaining prominence and public and the Government were both being made aware of the dire consequences that might await us in the near future, McDonald’s was trying to come up with new value proposition for its loyal customers. Being fiercely competitive McDonald’s was trying to offer increased value at reduced cost. As McDonald’s grew and became more and more profitable, it very naturally attracted a lot of ...view middle of the document...

Since the partnership with EDF, McDonald’s has been working on a number of issues.
It is the responsibility of a business to provide for proper ecological management of its packaging. The harm being caused by such packaging and waste will affect society and business. Safety and security is one of the basic needs of human beings appearing at the lower end of Maslow’s pyramid. All human beings have various needs and they strive to satisfy them in order of priority. According to Maslow’s pyramid the most basic physiological needs form the base of the pyramid and followed by Safety Needs, Social and Love Need, Esteem Needs and Self-Actualization Need figures at the apex. People usually satisfy their basic needs first and once such needs are met they move up to the next level of needs. So as we progress in life we tend to move up the pyramid. Safety needs appear in the second level of the pyramid so it is a very important need which has to be met. Moreover, environment is gradually getting to be a bigger stakeholder for businesses than they would like, as the natural resources are depleting at a fast rate and the natural environment is turning hostile. If business and society don’t make an effort to protect the environment then very soon all of us will be facing grave and dangerous situations in the future. Large Corporations like McDonald’s who have the power, infrastructure and the wherewithal to take actions regarding the environmental issues must and should do so. McDonald’s success was in linking its financial goals to the goal of environment protection. Environmentally safe packaging was another value that they added to their products and by doing so they were able to cut costs in packaging, thus providing more value at low cost. Implementing such environment conscious policies helped their image somewhat.
In Germany, producers were held responsible for their products according to the ‘green laws’. They were responsible for waste-management in relation to their product packaging. Companies usually went to third party organizations who managed the waste for the company for a fee. This is somewhat of an extreme situation. As in certain cases small companies do not have the financial backup and support to follow such laws and still be profitable. Such laws do not seem fair in that respect, as bigger companies will find it easier to follow them and will give even more competition to the small ones. There is always a way and many opportunities to do the right thing but a lot of times these opportunities only open up for people who have reached a certain level so that they can utilize them. But that is not to say producers shouldn’t be responsible for their products. Companies should try and be as much environmentally responsible as they can and keep looking for innovative ways to do the right thing profitably. The small-scale companies should try and identify and analyze other ways to help the environment which they can do profitably. As there...

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