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McDonald’s: From Big Mac to P’tit Plaisir

Case Synopsis
McDonald’s as we know is the biggest multinational-corporation in fast-food industry. McDonald’s is a symbol of American power and hegemony just like Coca Cola and Nike which its operations is all around the world. And how McDonald’s could successfully entering global markets ? the key components is its standardization in all McDonald’s outlets in the world known as QSC&V (Quality, Service, Cleanliness, Value). You can see and feel the same burger quality, same fast service, cleanliness of restroom and the same price in all McDonald’s outlets in every country. McDonald’s also made a strong relationship with supplier because this is ...view middle of the document...

In India, which beef or pork is prohibited (especially beef) and most of India people is vegetarian so McDonald’s in India develop menus which meet with local preferences : special line of vegetables, fish and chicken sandwiches.
Examples above described how McDonald’s successfully broaden its operations globally and how its overcome critics, protest even vandalism because of sensitive of western culture, issues of environment and animals abuse is by creating social corporate responsibility which emphasized six general areas in terms of corporate responsibility : community, employment experience, environmental responsibility, governance and ethics, nutrition and well-being and a sustainable supply chain which purposes is in order to keep the brand image of McDonald’s good.

Problem Identification
McDonald is facing a major problem. Where will McDonald go from now on? Should McDonald keep its current strategy or change it to the other strategies?
Case Analysis
Strategic change is about changing the way in which an organization interact with its external environment. This can be done by adapting external environment into organization’s system which consist of three elements: structure, processes, and culture. The strategy of Mc Donald established will be explained below.
Type of International Strategy : Multidomestic Strategy
To compete in international markets organizations, McDonald's using multidomestic strategies to diversify its activities overseas, including its unique and customized approaches to each country, allowed in to respond more quickly to the dynamic environment. The objective of multidomestic strategy is to adapt a product for use in national markets and thereby responding more effectively to the changes in local demand conditions. Mcdonald’s needed to become more connected to a global customer base and resulted in significant variance in strategic actions in different countries. Local managers given substantial autonomy to determine how the product will meet the needs of local customer.
- In France, McDonald's redesigned its brand so it would not be seen as an American company subverting the French culture of high cuisine, then France became McDonald's second most profitable market in the world. The new menu in France offers many choices not familiar in the US such as the P'tit Plaisir (mini snack foods), Little Mozza (tomato and mozzarella salad), Croques Monsieurs (grilled ham and cheese), and Jambon Beurre (ham and butter on a crusty baguette). In addition, stand-alone McCafes carry traditional France sweets such as macaroons, fruit tarts, and flan, and serve beverages ceramic mugs.
- In German, stores are simply decorated and focus on the essentials typical of German design. Most stores feature televisions tuned to McDonald's German Network. a very popular in-store television network. It carries branding, entertainment, leisure content, and advertising. Germany is considered one of the most environmentally...

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