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Mbo Mobile Ticket Reservation System Essay

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appreciate with their advices, comments, suggestions and time that help me to finish my research. Special thanks to my supervisor Cik Siti Mastura binti Baharudin for her guidance and ideas until this project have been completed. For those individuals or persons that help me during the development for this project especially, assistant manager of MBO Cineplex Malacca, En. Jamalulail bin Jalaludin for giving assistant to complete this project successfhlly.

I would also like to thank my beloved parents and my friends who have been giving me
support and motivation throughout my project.

MBO Tickets mBooking System TM



The domain of this project is about cinema tickets booking system. There are many problems exist during people to get the cinema tickets. So, the booking or reservation system can help people to get the cinema tickets easily. Nowadays, MBO Cineplex cannot provide the online booking system. Therefore, the others technique is propose for more helpful membership card of MBO Cinemas to book the tickets by using the mobile phone. So, with MBO Tickets mBooking System, users can book the cinema tickets at MBO Cinemas with more quick and easy at anytime and everywhere. After the research, it shows that mobile phone that is support WAP is very suitable for the creation of mobile booking cinema tickets because the mobile phone is used widely.

MBO Tickets mBookina System TM



Bidang kajian projek ini adalah berkenaan dengan sistem tempahan tiket wayang. Terdapat banyak masalah wujud semasa pengguna untuk mendapatkan tiket wayang. Jadi, sistem tempahan atau simpanan boleh membantu pengguna untuk mendapatkan tiket wayang dengan mudah. Pada masa sekarang, MBO Cineplex tidak menyediakan sistem tempahan dalam talian. Oleh yang demikian, suatu teknik lain dicadangkan bagi lebih membantu ahli kad pawagam MBO untuk menempah tiket dengan hanya mengunakan telefon bimbit. Jadi, dengan MBO Tickets mBooking System ini, pengguna boleh menempah tiket wayang di MBO dengan lebih cepat dan mudah pada bila-bila masa.dan dimana sahaja. Setelah kajian dibuat, ia menunjukkan bahawa telefon bimbit yang befungsi WAP adalah sangat sesuai untuk dijadikan sebagai tempahan tiket wayang kerana telefon bimbit digunakan meluas.

MBO Tickets mBooking System TM






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1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 Project Background Problem Statements Objective Scope Project Significance Expected Output Conclusion

MBO Tickets mBookina System TM



LITEMTURE REVIEW AND PROJECT METHODOLOGY 2.1 2.2 Introduction Facts and Findings (based on topic) 2.2.1 Domain 2.2.2 2.2.3 2.3 2.4 Existing System Technique

Project Methodology Project Requirements 2.4.1 2.4.3 Software Requirements Other...

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