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Mba Student Essay

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Introduction :

As you see in the logo of Mada company this company has developed a new concepts of using internet service ( WIMAX ) , its come up with new ideas of using internet services , they have three ideas that they are working on :

Vision: is to connect the client with a high quality internet to reach any spot in this world , and really they are working to make us believe that this world is really a “ small village “ .

Mission : they are working on minimize their promises to the customers and maximize the quality of services which provided to the customer , to fulfill their need and make them satisfied and loyal to the company.
Values : this company has a ...view middle of the document...

Mada adopted a very good strategy to inter the internet market , they have been exploring the market problems that the customer is suffering from , they observed that most of customers suffering with ( DSL ) services , and to be more accurate they are suffering because they are getting internet which depend 100% on telephone land lines ( the land line in Kuwait its not stable all the times ), so Mada adopted a new method to deliver the internet services via a ( Soho WIMAX – product ) , this product can deliver the internet with a full speed to the customer homes without any need to ( land lines ) , so Mada’s engineers located in each area a very big Towers to provide their routers with full and fast signals , so the customer can use internet without any interruptions , and enjoying a full download and upload speed.


Mada-four PS:

1- PRODUCT: as we stated earlier mada provide a service ( Internet ) along with a physical product ( SOHO-router ) , so we can state the three basic levels of Mada Product and we can take ( SOHO-router ) as example :

* Customer core-value: the main idea is to deliver a very efficient internet to the customer’s home.

* Customer actual product : which is physical Wifi SOHO-router with a brand name ( MADA-SOHO) whit a fine design , it has three antennas to obtain a maximum and Error-free signals to the customers , there is too many features can be provided to the customers such as Wireless service along with broadband connection , and local area connection ( physical connection connected by a physical Ethernet cable presented freely with the service package ) , also they attached range expanders to maximize the range of the router to reach any spot that the customer wants in his home.

* Customer augmented product: its composing from many augmented products such as , a warranty of one year on the router ( except the consumption problems ) , technical support-field engineers can come at any time you want to fix any problem may be occur , a very qualified call center-customer support agents whom ready to answer all your questions and they are ready to follow up with you and illustrate anything that you want to know about the product , and you can enjoy after-sales service by visiting any showroom of mada which is located in many areas in Kuwait , also you can het the most recently updated versions of your router , and re configure it by an experienced and qualified stuff of mada workshops.

2- Place :
The second and very important component is ( place ) , so when we are talking about the place we need to know how Mada products goes to the market and how it reaches to its valuable client and what is the channel of distributions which enables the company to reach the customers?

Mainly there is three types of channel distributions that mada use :

* ( P2C ) : the first and most common channel is ( producer to customer ) , this...

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