Mba Pursuit Essay

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Pursuit of an MBA

Marvin Conway


1 April 2010

Construct and Support an Argument

Decision to Pursue an MBA

To some, pursuing higher education is a waste of money and time. Others, such as me, may argue that it is an accomplishment and the benefits from acquiring a degree are worth the efforts and hard work. With the current national unemployment rate at 9.7% (US Department of Labor, Feb 2010) and steadily rising, it seems improbable that finding that “ideal” job is likely. During these tough economic times, I find myself with a bachelor’s degree at a low paying job with a child to take care of. It is because of this situation that I have chosen to pursue a ...view middle of the document...

It gives me an advantage over other job applicants by strengthening my resume and paving a new path for professional growth. That professional growth will ultimately lead to an increase in pay. Professional growth begins with working on teams and in group settings.
The group assignments and team projects in the MBA program will help me to acquire the principles of teamwork and collaborative efforts required by most businesses. These team projects teach us how to work together and share both in successes and in failures with colleagues. Along with teamwork, the programs enhance your leadership skills. The MBA program offers the opportunity to lead teams and gain knowledge of business leadership.
Gaining knowledge of business leadership also facilitates managerial skills. Managerial skills encompass several other skills such as communication skills (having the ability to put words into actions), interpersonal skills (being able to work with, coach, and mentor people with different backgrounds), effectiveness skills (able to concentrate on the business objectives), and conceptual skills (able to use information to solve problems). These skills provide the fundamentals for dealing with real-time business situations as a manager, enabling you to solve problems efficiently and effectively. This will not only give you the ability to act in a manager’s role but also to understand the main responsibilities of an organization. The overall skills gained throughout obtaining your MBA is a plus and gives you expertise.
Personal Goal
This MBA degree is not only for me but is also for my daughter who is my first priority in life. Acquiring my MBA will allow me to set a great example for her. Having her single mother obtain her MBA in a professional field will help her understand the value and caliber of getting higher education. Knowing that I accomplished this feat as a single mother will increase my self-esteem, self-worth as well as show my daughter that we can accomplish anything no matter the circumstances.
Professional Goal
I believe pursuing an MBA will help me reach my short term and long term goals. There are two short term goals presently. My first short term goal is to...

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