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Mba Global Communications Essay

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Problem Solution: Global Communications

Deborah Elver
August 27, 2005
Problem Solution: Global Communications
This paper will apply the nine-step problem solving model to the scenario involving Global Communications. It will provide the background, define the problem, describe end-state goals, identify and analyze an alternative solution based on benchmarking, examine associated risks, provide an optimal solution and implementation plan, and evaluate the results.
Situation Background (Step 1)
Global Communications (Global), a telecommunications company, is faced with lack of consumer confidence and economic pressure. Senior management has developed an aggressive ...view middle of the document...

However, the Board approved plan did not engage the feedback from any stakeholder, including the Union. The downsizing of the domestic call centers will require many employees to be relocated and take a ten percent pay cut. As discussed earlier, the Union is concerned about this effort and for not being able to provide feedback to Global. As outsourcing is cost-effective, how will Global reduce and relocate staff in both the short- and long-term?
Reduction and relocation of staff—due to outsourcing—is an important issue affecting Global, the stakeholders, and the Union. If short-term reductions and long-term reassignments arewere considered, the cost benefits of retraining, salary negotiation, and placement costs would prove favorable to the bottom line (Garner, 2004). Having tenured and skilled employees is beneficial to any organization principally if they have technical skills and understanding about the industry, company philosophy, and consumer needs. If these efforts are effective, what issues should be identified about building market share?
Building market share will require aggressive strategic planning and tapping into other areas of business and technology (Ball, 2004). Negotiating new contracts and forming alliances will assist in developing a foundation of increased earning potential. Moreover, continuing to develop proprietary and state-of-the-art technology—that meets or exceeds customer’s expectations and desires—will gain consumer trust and necessary capital to continue as a going concern and meet some of the challenges of globalization and competition.
Globalization and competition are lucid challenges Global must identify. With a strong marketing plan to globalize, Global must battle competition and technology in order to realize growth to their bottom line (Elver, 2005). Domestic and international competition could prove difficult, cumbersome, and costly. Providentially, Global has created an alliance with a domestic satellite provider; however, will they be able to partner or compete with other companies internationally? Benchmarking could be the first-step for Global in answering these questions by identifying opportunities and potential solutions.
Opportunity Identification
What is benchmarking? Benchmarking is a strategic and analytical process of continuously measuring an organization’s products, services and practices against a recognized leader in the studied area for the purpose of improving business performance (Office, 2000). Why should Global use benchmarking?
Benchmarking can greatly enhance performance. With Global’s plan of globalization and providing innovative services, benchmarking is vital in forecasting industry trends, discovering emerging technologies, stimulating strategic planning, and enhancing goal setting. Because it requires the study of industry leaders, benchmarking can provide numerous indicators on where Global might be headed, which ultimately may pave...

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