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Mba Essay

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1. Why do you want to earn an MBA and why are you choosing to apply to SMU? If you are selected, how will you contribute to the SMU MBA programme? (500 words)
Earning a graduate level degree has been my dream. Although pursuing an MBA degree shall entail a substantial commitment of both time and money, I believe that it is a good investment. MBA is clearly an integral part and stepping stone to the success of my career.
I have three main reasons why I want to obtain an MBA. First is to acquire the managerial expertise to competitively engage in a business enterprise; second is to be able to recommend solutions to current problems in the Health Maintenance industry; and third is to broaden my horizons in pursuit of other potential career opportunities. In due time, I hope to strengthen my business acumen that will ...view middle of the document...

SMU is highly regarded to be modeled after the Wharton School which sets it apart from other Universities in Asia. The flexible curriculum will allow me to tailor my elective classes towards the programs of my interest. I’m keen to the prospects of taking up the SMU elective on Customer Relationship Management and the core subject with reference to Negotiating in Business, both of which I surmised to be directly related to my work experience. I am confident that SMU’s course study will significantly help me improve my skills in business.
My undergraduate and work experiences have prepared me to pursue a higher role in my profession. I will be able to make the most use of my double major undergraduate degree in Economics and Business Management.
My work as an Account Officer with two of the leading Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) in the Philippines had given me valuable experiences as well as professional and personal skills to bring to the SMU business school.
Dedicated customer service, product reliability and client retention were instrumental to business success in the HMO industry. During my employment, I had conceptualized numerous strategies to manage the servicing requirements of corporate clients which were a mix of several cultures. I was able to experience two collective business functions in HMO namely, the sales and after-sales division.
One distinct characteristic about my work experiences was the prominence of chronic problem management. Urgent client concerns, such as threats of contract termination, required prompt and judicious responses. By sharing my experiences in account management and client interface, I can present a different perspective during group class discussions. I strongly believe that my experience and skills in account administration and customer relationship management make me an excellent candidate to the program. I am determined to devote myself to the SMU MBA program if given the chance.

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