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Mba Argument Essay

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The decision to pursue my MBA degree was never a difficult one. When I first entered the business world in 1994 I soon knew that in order for me to achieve my personal and professional goals in life further education was going to be necessary. However, I did not think it would have taken me seventeen years to begin my journey to accomplish this goal.
So far in my professional life, I would consider myself to be a success. I have worked for three companies since receiving my Bachelor of Science degree in 1994 in two different industries. I have earned accolades and awards for sales and marketing performance from all three companies and I have been told that I am seen as a leader ...view middle of the document...

Gary Mecklenburg, former president and CEO of Northwestern Memorial Healthcare states “the demands on our health care system and the demands for strong healthcare management have never been greater,” Macsai, 2008). In addition to preparing for life outside of my current industry if needed, there are more reasons I have decided to pursue my MBA. As previously stated, my company isn’t reducing its sales force and is financially sound. As a result, there are current opportunites available that either require or prefer an MBA with in Novo Nordisk. ( Therefore, to stay consistent with my path of career advancement, its clear an MBA is a necessary requirement. As my personality score supports, I am a loyal person and long term employment secutiry is importnat to me. With this is mind, it is important to note that, “since 1970, graduates with a professional degree are have experienced unemployment rates that are twenty-five percent less than those with indergraduate degrees (Davies & Cline, 2005). Also, another factor in deciding that this was the right time for me to pursue an MBA was when I was encouraged by a senior manager in my current company to take advantage of the tuition reimbursement program offered by the company. He said he would recommend me for any career path I wanted to take within the company and earning an MBA is the most logical next step in career progression. I believe that because my personality and my actions show I am loyal to the company, this is how the company is rewarding me. Companies usually don’t invest money in people and their personal education if they don’t feel they would see a return on this investment. By being accepted in to the tuition reimbursement program it validated my career success thus far and shows that Novo Nordisk sees potential for me at a higher level. In addition to job requirements within Novo Nordisk, it also is important to mention that in a survey conducted by the Central New York Business Journal, 80% of business executives said it was “very or somewhat important” to have an MBA degree to reach...

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