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Mba 590 Managing Project Risk Essay

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Running head: Implementation Plan Research

Managing Project Risk Research Paper
Jacquelyn Burton, Brittany Wyatt, Jamie Luce and Harold Pitner
MBA590 Strategic Implementation and Alignment
Dr. Kathryn Moland
April 30, 2008

Implementation Plan Research
Managing project teams can be a very tedious task. There are many concepts in this week’s reading that conveyed this fact. Effective leadership, ethics, and conflict resolution are just a few things that are necessary when managing a team. The Kerzner Office Furniture scenario detailed many issues that occur when managing a team of people with different backgrounds for a common purpose. Many companies have and ...view middle of the document...

Managing project teams is also an important concept issue that the Kerzner Group encountered. The challenge of managing a team of people who have a history of conflict is often an issue. Managing a team with conflict is very important, especially to Kerzner, because the success of the project at hand can determine the overall success of the company.
Comparison and contrast practices
The scenario showed Amber Briggs as acting in a reliable manner appropriating towards needs of the project. Amber Briggs began the meeting addressing individuals concern for taking a role in the project and adjourned the meeting by stating an agenda would be developed as well as a timeline for completing specifications related to the project (Gray and Larson, p. 374, 2006).
Unfortunately, scandals at Enron, Worldcom, and Arthur Andersen have demonstrated the willingness of highly trained professionals to abdicate personal responsibility for illegal actions and to obey the directives of superiors. Top management and the culture of an organization play a decisive role in shaping members’ beliefs of what is right and wrong. Many organizations encourage ethical transgressions by creating a “win at all cost” mentality. The pressures to succeed obscure consideration of whether the ends justify the means. Other organizations place a premium on “fair play” and command a market position by virtue of being trustworthy and reliable (Gray and Larson, p. 328, 2006)
There were many similarities between the scenario and Hyundai Motors and Volkswagen AG. The primary issue was the need to effectively manage project teams, especially when conflict arises. Ethics and effective leadership were also important issues that were similar to the Kerzner case study. Some of the differences were that both Hyundai and Volkswagen were dealing with internal issues due to mergers and becoming effective at mixing different company cultures. The internal issues were the same as in the scenario, but they were on a larger scale for Hyundai and Kia.

Implementation Plan Research Synopsis
Harold Pitner
Delta Airlines
Issue identified in the scenario
The situation at Delta Airlines was very similar to the situation at Kerzner Office Equipment. Both companies are based in southern cities and had enjoyed profitable years. Kerzner Office Equipment encountered financial difficulties during a recession and found it necessary to lay off 25% of the employees on the payroll. Delta Airlines encountered financial difficulties after the September 11, 2001 tragedy, in New York City. Immediately after the 9/11 disaster, the airline industry was shut down for four days during which Delta Airlines could generate no revenue (CNN).
The company’s response to the issue
During the immediate months following the tragedy that was brought about by terrorists, the majority of the American public was afraid to fly. This affected the income of Delta Airlines in a negative way. As a result of the...

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