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Mba 5501, Advanced Marketing Unit V Marketing Plan

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MBA 5501, Advanced Marketing

Colombia Southern University

Gillette has successfully convinced the world that “more is better” in terms of number of blades and other razor features. Why has that worked in the past? What next?
Gillette is one of the well-known razor brand targeted at men. The razor has received popularity and accepted by men who entrust their faces and skin to Gillette. The technological innovation and commitment for quality and continues improvement geared towards the unique needs of men, which helps them to feel and look their best after each use.
Gillette has been successful in convincing the world that more is better, in regards to the number of blades and other ...view middle of the document...

Even though the Mach3 continued to lead competition and generated significant profit, Gillette spend millions to compete against its own brand through ads and using celebrates to introduce the Fusion, arguing that, five is better than three and that “more is better”. Again the company was able to send a positive message to customers it cares and matters when it comes to men grooming.
Gillette strategic position of Gillette razors as razors for all men, drew attention and created loyalty among men. The company uses talented sport men, who command respect and admiration from millions of fans around the world. The company strategically used sports men from different sport such as soccer, American football, golf ball, baseball, tennis ball and basketball to market its brand. The attraction and admiration of these sport men, attracts men into sports to be part of a brand used by their hero and feel just the way they feel.
Gillette marketing strategy of tying, sport to its brand and using sport figures to stand behind their brand is the way to the future and increase in sales and profit. Also spending millions in research and constant innovations will continue to attract and maintain Gillette’s market share.

Some of Gillette spokespeople such as tiger woods have run into controversy after becoming endorsers for the brand. Does this hurt Gillette’s brand equity or marketing message? Explain.
Although Gillette uses spokespeople like marketing tools to endorse its brand, the company stands on its own as men grooming giant, who main purpose is to help men “customers” enjoy the best out of their grooming. Before the use of celebrates, Gillette successful and focused on brand improvement and quality. The company spends millions thought research and innovation for the next big invention for men.
Customers might be disappointed in Tiger Woods; yet those emotions might be considered personal based on individual perception, though, customers will allow such disappoint from Tiger Wood affect their grooming. Gillette uses most top sportsmen to become the company’s ambassadors by endorsing its brand, and many customers look up to these hero, legends and extraordinary sport men and somewhat emotionally connect to this sport individual. Tiger Wood happens to be part of this sport guru, and although this controversy may hurt Gillette, the good news is that, there are other great sport men, to divert customer’s attention and makeup for their colleague controversy.
Gillette loyal customers have a reason they use Gillette brand. The product quality, innovation and the pride it carries are some of the reason men buy and use Gillette brand. Tiger Woods is an accessory to the razor and can be ignored. Gillette has mad name for itself and represents its quality and pride. If Tiger was the only endorse than Gillette will hurt significantly. Also if there were strong competitors who take care of men as Gillette than a controversy as Tiger’s again could affect...

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