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Mayor Of London's Greener Views Essay

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The 2012 London Olympics is scheduled to be one of the most spectacular games in addition to being held in one of the world’s best cities. The Olympics is undeniably one of the greatest sporting events on earth. In order to ensure that the visitors are treated to the arrays of entertainment and eventful sporting event in addition to bringing benefits to the Londoners, the Mayor of London and the Greater London Authority (GLA) has put in place measures and priorities to develop London in readiness for this event. Among the most important items on the planning agenda is environmental sustainability (Stallone, 2005).
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The GLA is headed by an elected executive mayor who is charged with the responsibility of proposing policies and budgets for the Greater London Authority. The Mayor is also for executing primary responsibilities such as appointing strategic executives to functional bodies such as the London Development Agency and the Transport for London. The Mayor of London is majorly involved in managing and running the city of London (Borris, 2010). His functions include the setting of improvement strategies, creating visions, designing policies, provision of funding, and harnessing the resources to ensure that the city of London is among the best cities on Earth (Borris, 2010).
As earlier mentioned, the GLA has four functional bodies to enable it execute its functions and responsibilities. The functional bodies are the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA), the London Development Agency (LDA), the Transport for London, and the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority (LFEPA). The LFEPA handles and coordinates emergency responses and planning in addition to administering the Fire Brigade of London. The MPA is responsible for overseeing metropolitan police functions and provides the city of London with policing services (Greater London Authority, 2011). The LDA manages economic development across the Greater London. The final functional body is the Transport for London is charged with the responsibility of dealing with majority of aspects relating to the system of transport in London and this covers a wide range of perspectives that include the provision of public transport, management of traffic, maintaining main roads, and the administration of Congestion charges.
The powers and responsibilities of the Greater London Authority were reviewed and documented in 2005 and further responsibilities were added. The GLA was awarded the responsibility of managing wastes, and house planning. Under the planning obligations, the GLA coordinates the proper use of land in London whereby the Mayor of London designs a strategic plan that is submitted to the 32 Boroughs of London for compliance (Mayor of London, 2010). Additionally, the Mayor is capable of overriding the planning decisions decided upon by the Boroughs if He believes that the decisions fail to conform to the interests of developing the city of London (Mayor of London, 2011).
The low-carbon emissions is among the major objectives to be realized during the London 2012 Olympics and hence, the Mayor has designed the Energy strategy to give him the blue prints for reducing the levels of carbon emissions. London is known for contributing nearly 7% of the total carbon emissions in the United Kingdom and majority of these carbon emissions come from commercial and housing premises, industries, and transport systems. The Mayor of London is so committed to achieving these environmental sustainability objectives and has created several agencies to aid in the realization of these objectives. These are London Energy...

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