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Mayo Clinic Essay

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Mayo clinic
The Mayo Clinic was founded over 150 years ago. It has been a pioneer for group practice creation, community service, quality improvement initiatives, health informatics, and health care technology.
Group Practice Creation Impacts Mayo Clinic's Growth
Dr. William J. Mayo justified the concept of a group practice in a speech he delivered in 1910. He took the view that it would be foolish for a single practitioner to assume he or she had sufficient knowledge of medicine. He maintained that it is in the best interest of the patient to have practitioners join forces and coordinate care (Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research [MFMER], n.d.-a.) ...view middle of the document...

Mayo physicians and researchers developed "low anterior resection for colon and rectal cancer, endoscopic injection of esophageal varices, and advances in resection of the stomach for cancer," as well as " the first open-heart surgery in 1955," "the first total hip replacement in 1969," and "the early use of robotic laparoscopic surgery in 2002" (Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, 2014e). Innovative surgical instruments, developed by May Clinic staff, include "the Balfour retractor, the Mayo stand, the Mayo scissors, the Adson pickups, the Harrington Behrens, and the Adson-Beckman retractors" (MFMER, n.d.-e).
The value of compassion was modeled early on by Dr. William Mayo who would anonymously pay the cost of a private room for patients he thought needed privacy. Demonstrating compassion, Mayo Clinic staff would occasionally help organize weddings and birthdays for patients hospitalized just before their special occasions. According to Berry & Seltman, on a sadder note, Mayo Clinic staff would sometimes hold memorial services for out-of-town patients who died at the hospital (as cited in Paul, 2011, p. 41).
Other demonstrations on the link between the Mayo Clinic’s values and community service are as follows. Exemplifying stewardship, the Mayo Clinic expanded their facilities to serve the communities of Jacksonville, FL, and Scottsdale, AZ, in addition to their Rochester, Minnesota community (Paul, 2011, p.42). A variety of minority community outreach and education programs, such as cancer prevention, prenatal education, and healthy brain aging further demonstrate the value of stewardship (MFMER, n.d.-f). Showing respect for those in the community with low incomes, the Mayo Clinic provided, in 2009, $58 million of free health care (MFMER, 2010, p.31).
Central to their mission of using research to improve patient care, during World War II, the Mayo Clinic donated the services of its aero medical research unit to the United States military. Aviation medicine advancements such as the anti-blackout suit and the Mayo-1 (M-1) maneuver enabled pilots to cope with greater gravity or "G" forces (MFMER, n.d.-g).
Mayo Clinic Promotes Quality Improvement Initiatives
Since the interest of the patient is of paramount importance to the Mayo Clinic, quality improvement initiatives are all about the patient's experience, from the initial phone call to the final visit (MFMER, n.d.-h). A multitude of healthcare quality measures places the Mayo Clinic at or near the top of those rankings. Among its accolades are U.S. News Best Hospitals Honor Roll, UHC Quality Leadership Award, Leapfrog Top Hospital, Leapfrog recognition for patient safety, Magnet recognition for its Minneapolis nursing program, and the American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program's commendation for exemplary outcomes (MFMER, n.d.-i).
Promoting quality improvement means monitoring and measuring both positive and negative patient...

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