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Maybe Its Maybelline And Almay Essay

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Make up, distributed by many different companies with a lot of brands, is advertised an extreme amount of times in different areas like a store's wall, magazine ads, and the most popular television commercials. Drugstore make up seems to be the most advertised on television, and the two most advertised make up brand is Maybelline New York and Almay. Both of which are very popular and favorite brands of consumers, come up with so many different types of products for each feature of the women's face. Both brands also come up with really good and distinct commercials to promote their products, and though each distribution is a competitor, they are equally popular and sell. While Almay ...view middle of the document...

Metaphors are the type of descriptive words that Almay utilize to make the product seem alive and reinforce their wonders. Another commercial for Almay One-Coat Get Up and Grow mascara also has words in the commercial that make the product appealing. Hudson says, “My lashes don’t just sit there, they get up and grow”. This portrays that by applying this mascara, eyelashes will look like they have grown, and implies length. A different type of cover up which is a liquid foundation is named Smart Shade Make Up. With its metaphor name, it implies that this foundation knows a person's color of skin and can match perfectly. “Now I have a makeup that always gets it right, so I never have to guess which one is right for me”, Hudson speaks happily as she walks around the table with the Smart Shade Make Up on top. Along with the metaphor, the choice of descriptive words for this cover up is very convincing for example, “It's smart shade sensing technology instantly adjusts perfectly to match your skin”(Smart Shade Make Up commercial). These words imply that the product is smart and immediately promises to the consumer that it is a good make up. At the end of each commercial Almay's motto is always said, Only From Almay, Only For Me. Everyone knows this phrase from the end of each commercial and the part that says Only For me, implies that Almay makeup is made only for women, and their beauty.
On the other hand, Maybe It's Maybelline, the motto for Maybelline for which is used in their commercials to sell their products, displays objects during the advertisements that symbolize the products packaging information. This is to reinforce the promised detailing of the actions that the makeup does. To show an example, a commercial for a liquid foundation named, Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation is promoted to be the best cover up for pores on a female's face. There is a script that says, “One hundred percent pore-less perfection has arrived, new Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation from Maybelline New York” (Maybelline Dream Liquid advertisement). Just as the Almay commercial used descriptive wording, so did Maybelline. However, in the commercial someone acted as they were demanding proof to verify the pore-less perfection. To show this, two pictures of two golf balls were displayed to resemble a females face with pores. One golf ball was covered in a different brand of cover up but the ball was still showed the indents in the ball, which resembled the pores. Maybelline's foundation sealed the other golf ball with full cover, and no pores were seen. In another commercial for Maybelline, a lipstick is advertised. The name, Maybelline Super Stay 14 Hour One-Step Lipstick, proves that this lipstick is a long lasting one, and during the commercial, it is described as a lipstick that feels light on the lips, not heavy, and stays on for fourteen hours. A tool that is used for balancing is shown balancing a white feather and the actual bottle of the lipstick. It is displayed...

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