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Maximum Performance Plan
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Maximum Performance Plan
With the technological advances we have made there are so many options when it comes to cell phone providers, plans, and features. For some consumers a standard monthly fee is acceptable for their plan and features and others cannot afford those prices. Many customers benefit from having a two year contract with their provider in order to take advantage of an upgrade on their equipment while others feel that waiting two years for another upgrade is too long. The Maximum Performance Plan (MPP) allows consumers the option to have a ...view middle of the document...

Unlimited data
The average customer for AT&T who has a smartphone and who was fortunate enough to be grandfathered into the unlimited data plan such as myself would still pay a minimum of $110.00 plus taxes and fees per month for one cell phone line. MPP can offer the same plan to all customers for $89.99 with a month to month contract. Smart phones will be offered at half of the retail price no matter how long the customer has been with MPP and customers who convert from other providers can use their existing equipment with MPP’s cell phone plans. Customers may also choose to keep their phone number or obtain a new number.
Product differentiation
MPP plans to be a leader in unlimited data plans among hundreds of thousands of cell phone users. The company will continue to provide unlimited data plans that either force competition with other providers or bring on new customers who leave the other companies for lack of competition. Ask anyone who has a smart phone about the option to have an unlimited data, talk, and text plan for under $100.00 a month and research will prove how in demand and successful MPP will be. The demand is ready to be cornered and marketed and MPP has the solution to make consumers happy and MPP management will be happy seeing how much profit the company will bring in within the first year.
MPP plans to offer a 10% discount on the opening month of the account, and again on the anniversary each year as well as the subscribers birthday month. No other cell phone providers offers repetitive discounts to their customers on a yearly basis, this will put MPP ahead of leading competitors. This alone keeps competitors nipping at the heels of MPP. According to "Six Rules For Increasing Revenue And Profits" (2013), “The company that can drive expectations-among customers, distributors, and/or referral agents-to the highest level has the greatest immediate influence in the marketplace” (Rule #3: Drive expectations).
Pricing strategy
MPP will be able to take advantage of penetration pricing in order to offer discounts on the first month, anniversary month, and birthday month of the account. Bundle pricing will allow customers the most flexibility for all the services that they need at a discounted price over competitors. The nonpricing strategies include warranties on all devices for the first year at company expense and then the customer would pay a flat rate of $3.00 per month with a $50.00 deductible for any device after the warranty period has expired.
Since MPP is already offering a product that none of the other competitors are offering with the unlimited data plan, the company can afford to stay in similar price ranges with the other providers. It does not make sense to use skimming or cost-plus pricing strategies since the anticipation of an influx of customers coming onboard from other providers is so high. With the poor condition of the economy MPP knows that every customer not only wants the best...

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