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Mattel Case Study

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Mattel Case Study

Travis Horbulyk
February 9th, 2012

* Decrease in market share
* Damage to their brand image
* Unable to keep up with changing technology
* Children not playing with toys as much as they use to
* Battered reputation due to the safety of their toys
SWOT Analysis:
* Strengths
* Brand Name
* Strong customer base
* Excellent variety of products for both boys and girls
* Mattel has been in the fore front of the toy industry for 6o years
* Strong online privacy policy
* Controls fate of Barbie’s main competitor, Bratz.
* Has excellent Global Manufacturing Principles ...view middle of the document...

Children are starting to use cell phones, ipods, computers, internet and electronic games at much earlier ages than ever before. Mattel has started the move into interactive websites for a couple of their products but they need to take it a step further. I would start by actually tying their websites into their products. Whenever a kid buys a toy there is a special code that they enter into their website and they can get a computer version on the product they just bought. This way they are able to play with their toy online. You would also be able to tie in the social media aspect by having the kids play with their friends online through facebook and having them update their success on twitter. Phone applications could be created as well to keep kids connected with their toys and keep up with new trends. With the right security setting installed to protect the children’s safety and privacy, this could be a gold mine. Mattel could also team up with electronic giant Apple and come out with Barbie inspired products like a Barbie iphone or Barbie ipod. This would be a product line inspired with Barbie colors and designs to keep Mattel competitive with the changing technology and child interest. This would also help to rebuild customer trust as Apple has a very healthy and loyal customer base.
In expanding current product lines I think there is money to be made in the Barbie movie industry. Mattel already has animated Barbie movie in place which has proven to be quite successful. My thought is to take it a step further and produce a live action Barbie movie. This would help reinvent Barbie and make her appealing to a larger age demographic. With the right actress this could be a very profitable venture. Obviously there would be some financial risk, like in making any movie but with the right...

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