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Advancements in Kidney Treatments:
What techniques do Nephrologists use today to treat Kidney Failure?

Before the 1940’s all over the world there was no existence of a miracle being performed to treat kidney failure, even if the disease was not advanced no one knew how to treat it or even thought of a way to give a person a couple of more years to live. Right before World War ...view middle of the document...

He started a research on ways to clean toxins out of the blood and came up with the breakthrough idea of making an artificial kidney. Kolff possessed the true spirit of a true inventor and improvised using sausage skins, orange juice cans, and a washing machine among other things. Of course he had multiple downfalls when he first started treating patients but he did not give up just yet. When the war ended he finally was able to have more access to supplies and his first major success was with a patient who was in a comma. She was on dialysis for eleven hours she finally woke up and this was his breakthrough. Everyone all over the world wanted to have this in their hospitals. The first cases actually using dialysis in the United States was back in the late 1940’s when Kolff himself arrived in the states.

Imagine how many lives have passed on just because they do not have the financial means tio pay for treatment or even be diagnosed with any type of kidney failure.

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