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Math Assistance Essay

1065 words - 5 pages

1-68. Assume 6,000 children go to Disneyland today. How much additional revenue will Disneyland receive if it raises the cost of admission from $31 to $41 and lowers the age limit for adults from 12 years old to 10 years old?

2-34. Joy Wigens, who works at Putnam Investments, received a check for $1,600. She deposited ¼ of the check in her Citibank account. How much money does Joy have left after the deposit?

2-36. Lester bought a piece of property in Vail, CO. The sides of the land measure 115 ½ feet, 66 ¼ feet, 106 1/8 feet and 110 ¼ feet. Lester wants to know the perimeter (sum of all sides) of his property. Can you calculate the perimeter for Lester?

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If Jerry sells 582 ½ gallons in the fourth week, how close is Jerry to selling his allocation?

2-50. The price of a used Toyota Land Cruiser has increased to 1 ¼ times its earlier price. If the original price of the Land Cruiser was $30,000, what is the new price?

2.52. Alicia, an employee of Dunkin Donuts, receives 23 ¼ days per year of vacation time. So far this year she has taken 3 1/8 days in January, 5 ½ days in May, 6 ¼ days in July and 4 ¼ days in September. How many more days of vacation does Alicia have left?

2.54. Shelly Van Doren hired a contractor to refinish her kitche. The contractor said the job would take 49 ½ hours. To date, the contractor has worked the following hours:
Monday 4 ¼
Tuesday 9 1/8
Wednesday 4 ¼
Thursday 3 ½
Friday 10 5/8
How much longer should the job take to be completed?

2-56. Albertsons grocery planned a big sale on apples and received 750 crates from the wholesale market. Albertsons will bag these apples in plastic. Each plastic bag holds 1-9 of a crate. If Albertsons has not loss to perishables, how many bags of apples can be prepared?

2-58. A local Papa Gino’s conducted a food survey. The survey showed that 1/9 of the people surveyed preferred eating pasta to hamburger. If 5,400 responded to the survey, how many actually favored hamburgers?

2-60. Quilters newsletter Magazine gave instructions on making a quilt. The quilt required 4 ½ yards of white on white print, 2 yards blue check, ½ yard blue and white stripe, 2 ¾ yards blue scraps, ¾ yard yellow scraps, and 4 7/8 yards lining. How many total yards are needed?

2-62. Land Rover has increased the price of the FreeLander by 1/5 from the original price. The original price of the Freelander was $30,000. What is the new price?

3-62. A Chevy Volt costs $29,000 in the United States. Using the exchange rate given on page 74, what would it...

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