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Math And Everday Life Essay

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Math is as big a part of life as life is a part of math. From the time most of us start learning numbers and simple math, we usually ask two questions. First, “why do I have to learn this? “, and second,” when will I ever need to use math in real life? “. The truth of the matter is, we use math everyday whether we realize it or not. Math is used in one form or another hundreds of times a day in everything from the simplest chore we perform to the most difficult tasks we can think of. Mastering the skill of math, even simple math, can enable one to progress throughout life with much less stress and confusion. Once we learn numbers and simple math, it becomes like second nature to incorporate ...view middle of the document...

The more advanced math applied, the more advanced activities can be achieved saving money, time and the reward of knowing it was done correctly.
Mathematics has a branch known as Algebra which concerns the study of the rules of operations and relations. Although not usually accredited to everyday use, algebra is put into action more in a day than most people know. Let’s for instance say a driver needs to put gas in their car. The driver only has $20.00 to spend on gas. Noticing that the price of gas is $ 4.00 per gallon, the driver realizes he will receive five gallons of gas for his $20.00. Realization? Or was it actually algebra? The driver performed algebra in his head without even realizing he did it. The equation for figuring how many gallons will be obtained for $20.00 at $4.00 per gallon looks like this: Let n = # of gallons of gas, $4.00n=$20.00 ($4.00 * n = $20.00). Although it is simple division and or multiplication, this is how the algebraic equation would look on paper. Algebra in its more advanced studies is used widely in electrical, electronic, civil, and mechanical engineering as well as physics, chemical, and aeronautical engineering. (Real Life Algebra, 2012,para 1, 2).
Math has a vast number of other branches which are used in everyday problem solving and planning as well. When a person is doing their banking, following a recipe, or decorating a room, just to name a few, math principles are being followed. Decorating a room is for instance using basic geometry to figure the material quantity needed to repaint, wallpaper, or even carpet the room. Geometry is used to figure the area of a shape to be covered. Balancing ones money correctly is solely based upon their math skills. Without using math daily, money could easily disappear without any record of its path. Even a simple comparison of how much money is coming in to how much is going out is math being used to create less stress and confusion on financial issues. Cooking is based largely on recipes made up of fractions of ingredients, heating temperatures and for what amount of time, and a specified number of servings. Not incorporating math would result...

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