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Math 533 Project A Essay

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Course Project A – AJ Davis Department Store

Keller Graduate School

In reviewing the data for AJ Davis Department Store, the below diagrams represents the detailed statistical analysis of the data collected from a sample of 50 credit consumers. The data collected was based on the following five variables: location, income, size, years and credit balances.
The first individual variable considered was Location. The three subcategories are Rural, Suburban, and Urban. Shown below is the frequency distribution and pie chart, the maximum number of customer belonging to the Urban category were 42%, followed by the Suburban of 30% and Rural at 28%. Since this is a categorical variable, the measure of central tendency and descriptive statistics was not calculated.
Frequency Distribution
Location Frequency
Rural 14
Suburban 15
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The measures of central tendency, variation and other descriptive statistics have been calculated for this variable. The descriptive statistics and dot plot is listed:
Descriptive Statistics: Size | | |
| | | |
Variable N N* Mean SE Mean StDev Minimum Q1 Median Q3 Maximum |
SIZE 50 0 3.420 0.246 1.739 1.000 2.000 3.000 5.000 7.000 |

The average household size is when analyzing the data is three, however in the table listed below the family household of 2 members is relatively higher.

The first individual pairing is Location and Credit Balances. In the boxplot diagram shown below, the rural area has the lower credit balances, in comparison to the suburban and urban areas. Comparing income to credit balances, the rural are and suburban are showing that their balances are more than the income earned. However, the urban area show that the income earned is higher than the credit balances.

In the second pairing is Credit Balances to Income. Based on the sample of 50 customers, the credit balances were on average of $3,964.00. The graph displayed below show that the customers with the higher income, had higher credit balances. The assumption would be that the more income made, the customers would spend more at the department store. The maximum credit balance of $5,678, which was based on a consumer with an income of $60,000 or more.

The final pairing of the Size and Years; compares of the number of years a family has lived in that communities and the members in the household. The number of members per household is 3.42 and the average number of years a family has lived in the community, is 12.38 years.

In conclusion, the analyzing of data has been completed several factors have been determined. Each of the variables listed above, were used to identify detailed statistical analysis of the 50 sample customers of AJ Department Store. The largest population is within the Urban area, with the highest credit balance of $5,678.00. In comparing the size and years, the average household size was 3, and 12.38 were the average the number of years in location. Additionally, the customers in the urban and suburban that earned a higher income and also carried a higher balances; in comparison to the customers who lived in the rural areas.

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