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Math 211 Course Syllabus Essay

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math 211 course syllabus
College of Natural Sciences
Course Syllabus

MTH/211 Version 1
Quantitative Reasoning


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• Use inductive and deductive reasoning in decision making.

Week Four: Statistical Reasoning

• Calculate measures of central tendency.
• Interpret measures of central tendency.
• Analyze data distribution using bell curves.
• Calculate probabilities.
• Recognize bias in sampling methods.

Week Five: Topic Review and Application

• Review all topics and objectives from Weeks One through Four.
• Analyze applications of quantitative reasoning.

Course Materials

Sevilla, A. N., & Somers, K. (2007). Quantitative reasoning; Tools for today’s informed citizen (1st ed.). Emeryville, CA: Key College Publishing.

All electronic materials are available on the student website.

Recommended Weekly Point Values

| | |
|Week One |  |
|Individual Assignment: Week One Explorations | 5 |
|Week Two |  |
|Individual Assignment: Week Two Explorations |10 |
|Learning Team Assignment: Week Two Excel® Activities | 5 |
|Week Three |  |
|Individual Assignment: Week Three Explorations | 5 |
|Learning Team Assignment: Week Three Excel® Activities | 5 |
|Week Four |  |
|Individual Assignment: Week Four Explorations |10 |
|Learning Team Assignment: Week Four Excel® Activities | 5 |
|Week Five |  |
|Individual Assignment: Final Examination |20 |
|Learning Team Assignment: Week Five Excel® Activities |15 |
|All Weeks |  |
|Participation & Discussion Questions |20 ...

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