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Maternity Essay

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Culturally Sensitive Nursing care
In Maternity
For Japanese Patients

March 28, 2012

Nurses need to be culturally congruent in order to offer culturally, competent care to their clients. To be able to care for Japanese women, during the prepartum, intrapartum, postpartum phases and for her newborn infant, it is necessary to have knowledge and continued education of the patient and her family’s culture and customs. The US Census Bureau accounts that approximately 1.3 million individuals of Japanese descent reside in the United State ...view middle of the document...

They may agree simply to promote a harmonious relation between themselves and the care giver. Open ended questions when taking the patient history may be appropriate as well as asking for a demonstration in skills taught, are both successful nursing interventions to overcome these challenges.
According to The Japanese Traditions, during their pregnancy, along with prayer, stepping over a placenta, sharing a bed with a postpartum woman or eating a postpartum woman’s leftover food may help a woman to conceive. Around the 5th month of pregnancy, a cotton band called iwata-obi is wrapped or tied around the woman’s stomach. This is believed to facilitate labor.
The nurse must make sure that the band is not tied too tight, causing circulatory constriction and causing dyspnea to the mother to be.
Women may continue consuming the staple food of the Japanese diet. Raw fish and green tea may still be consumed while pregnant. Women tend to worry about weight gain during pregnancy. They tend to “drink hot water with ume (Japanese pickled plum) to deal with upset stomach and/or diarrhea” (Japanese tradition 2005). They avoid dark food such as eggplant because it is considered “cold energy”. They eat soybeans, fish, rice and lots of vegetables. Nutritional knowledge deficiency could be a nursing diagnosis. A need for education about the high presence of mercury in some fish, consumption of raw fish and high amounts of caffeine and their teratogenic effects during pregnancy should be addressed with sensitivity. A written list of foods that contain the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and the right caloric intake should be given. Calcium, vitamin D and iron rich foods should be included. Morning sickness is not discussed among the family. Small meals throughout the day and the use of ginger can be suggested to alleviate the nausea and vomiting.
According to The birth control in Japan (2011), diagnostic tests are taken very seriously. When a test detects malformations and or chromosomal defects, many will opt for an abortion. In the Japanese culture a healthy baby is eminent. Abortions in Japan are actually one of the few accepted form of birth control. Condoms are still the most popular method of birth controlled, 80% of use, followed by rhythm method and spermicide jelly. Although the use of birth control pill is increasing, “Japanese women continue to shun them.” Ignorance, pricing, taboos and easy to obtain abortion are some of few obstacles that prevent popularity of the birth control pills. Birth control was finally legalized in 1999.
Fathers are not usually present during labor. Nowadays more fathers attend births. After birth, by Japanese tradition, the mother will stay with her mother for about eight weeks to recuperate and learn how to look after the newborn. The nurse needs to take this into consideration that a support system may not be available for the mother to be. During the prenatal visits, an accurate birth plan,...

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