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Mat 540 Quiz 4 Essay

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Strayer MAT 540 Week 6, Quiz 4

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EXAMS >> MAT 540 Week 6, Quiz 4

MAT 540 Week 6, Quiz 4

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SET 1 1. The standard form for the computer solution of a linear programming problem ...view middle of the document...

What is the objective function? 6. In a media selection problem, the reached by a given media would _________________. Even if these correct, using media exposure as maximization of ______________. estimated number of customers generally be specified in the media exposure estimates are a surrogate does not lead to

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7. The owner of Chips etc. produces 2 kinds of chips: Lime (L) and Vinegar (V). He has a limited amount of the 3 ingredients used to produce these chips available for his next production run: 4800 ounces of salt, 9600 ounces of flour, and 2000 ounces of herbs. A bag of Lime chips requires 2 ounces of salt, 6 ounces of flour, and 1 ounce of herbs to produce; while a bag of Vinegar chips requires 3 ounces of salt, 8 ounces of flour, and 2 ounces of herbs. Profits for a bag of Lime chips are $0.40, and for a bag of Vinegar chips $0.50. Which of the following is not a feasible production combination? 8. When formulating a linear programming model on a spreadsheet, the measure of performance is located in the target cell. 9. In a balanced transportation model, supply equals demand such that all constraints can be treated as equalities.


Strayer MAT 540 Week 6, Quiz 4

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10. In a media selection problem, instead of having an objective of maximizing profit or minimizing cost, generally the objective is to maximize the audience exposure. 11. ____________ solutions are ones that satisfy all the constraints simultaneously. 12. The production manager for the Softy soft drink company is considering the production of 2 kinds of soft drinks: regular and diet. Two of her resources are constraint production time (8 hours = 480 minutes per day) and syrup (1 of her ingredient) limited to 675 gallons per day. To produce a regular case requires 2 minutes and 5 gallons of syrup, while a diet case needs 4 minutes and 3 gallons of syrup. Profits for regular soft drink are $3.00 per case and profits for diet soft drink are $2.00 per case. What is the optimal daily profit? 13. Determining the production quantities of different products manufactured by a company based on resource constraints is a product mix linear programming problem. 14. When using linear programming model to solve the "diet" problem, the objective is generally to maximize profit. 15. Profit is maximized in the objective function by 16. Linear programming model of a media selection problem is used to determine the relative value of each advertising media. 17. Media selection is an important decision that advertisers have to make. In most media selection decisions, the objective of the decision maker is to minimize cost. 18. The dietician for the local hospital is trying to control the calorie intake of the heart surgery patients. Tonight's dinner menu could consist of the following food items:...

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