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Mat 126 Week 1 Essay

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Week One Writing Assignment
MAT 126

Week One Writing Assignment
In the 5th chapter of Mathematics in our world, we have read about sequence numbers. We went over two basic types of sequence numbers which are arithmetic and geometric sequence. Both sequence styles have their own rule that must be followed in order to determine what category the sequence falls in. By following these rules we can successfully solve real life problems.
The first sequence we will discuss is the arithmetic sequence. Each single number in the arithmetic sequence is called a term. Every term is evenly spaced by the same amount i.e, 2, 4, 6, 8… are ...view middle of the document...

For our next step we are going to use the formula sn = n (a1 + an) over 2
= 9 (100 + 300) over 2
= 9 (400) over 2
= 3600 ÷2
= 1800
It will cost $1800 to construct a 90-foot tower. This is a good example of using the arithmetic sequence for solving a real world situation. This is just one scenario that can be the basis of more difficult problems.
The other form of sequence is the geometric sequence. The difference between arithmetic and geometric sequence is, you add the difference in the arithmetic and you multiply in the geometric to get the difference. After the first term has been identified, we multiply by a nonzero number; this number is our common ratio i.e 2, 4, 8, 16..., and 10, 100, 1000, 10000…, are just a couple of geometric sequences with 2 and 10 being their ratio. The general geometric sequence is written using the exponents of a1, a1r, a1r2, a1r3…. A good example of when we will use the geometric sequence is when we are dealing with money, especially if it is ours.
“A person deposits $500 in a savings account that pays 5% annual interest that is compounded yearly. At the end of 10 years, how much money will be in the savings account?”
Money is always important to me especially since I do not have much. We will use the formula an = a1rn-1 to find our total 10 year savings. First we will consider the term of the loan which is an or10 years. Next is a1 which is the initial term of the loan being $500 or a1 is 500. Lastly is the ratio or difference of the loan with is 5%. Now, we have...

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