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Masters Essay

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HRM Part 2 Summary
We do need people to do business…
* Manager
Inspiring person leading group of people, to reach –together with them- a specific goal. And who is responsible for the (common) result
* Managing
Taking care that human qualities are utilized
Human resource management:
Methodically and systematically recruit, develop, and utilize human potential (assets) for both human and organization.
Objectives of HRM:
1. Staffing (get the good ones): job analysis, workforce planning & forecasting, recruiting candidates, testing & selecting.
2. Managing employee relations (keeping the good ones):
* Collective bargaining (unions)
* Fair treatment ...view middle of the document...

Globalization leads to a greater product market competition
* Less secure, more ‘flexible’
2. Demand for flexibility not from employees
* Force participation of women
* Aging of the population
* Developments in technology able a greater control of workflow
* Service industries versus production industries
* Knowledge based jobs can be more flexible than industrial jobs
* Research shows people like to work more flexible in the older stages of life

The flexible firm

Flexibility is a benefit
1. Numerical flexibility
* Organization can respond quickly to the environment changes
* Traditional staff replaced by short-term
* Two types of groups here
* Skills, but not needed (external market focus)
* Enjoying less security
2. Temporal flexibility
* Varying pattern of hours worker
* Peaks of demand versus all-time lows
3. Functional flexibility
* Widening work area
* In contrast to specialization
4. Debates of flexibility

Work-life integration (WLI)
Benefits of WLI
* Raising loyalty
* Increase levels of job satisfaction
* Reduce absence
* Improvement in performance
* Reports confirm this
Options for work-life balance
* Part-time
* Flextime
* Compressed week
* Annual hours
* Job share
* Unpaid Leave
* Work from home
* Shift swapping
* Self-rostering
Barriers to WLI
* Not everyone likes working flexible
* Can be used to avoid conflicts
* Cannot be applied in every industry
* Full time pay only possible
Chapter summary
1. There are many types of organizational flexibility
2. Critiques of organizational flexibility
3. Work-life integration policies provide options around how many hours are worked
4. If given control, employees are more satisfied with work, have greater commitment and are more productive
5. Rhetoric availability is not matched by the reality: demand for flexibility stays

Chapter 3: Recruitment and retention
Recruiting in a tight labor market
A research shows that exist recruitment difficulties, particularly to find appropriate management and professional staff. Employer is required to “sell” its jobs to potential employees. However, is important to avoid overselling a job in a bid to secure the services of talented applicants. It creates unrealistic expectations, the employees are quickly dashed, unmotivated and resigned.
Other ways to fill the vacancy:
* Reorganize the work
* Use overtime
* Mechanize the work
* Stagger the hours
* Make the job part time
* Subcontract the work
* Use an agency to supply a temporary worker
Methods of recruitment
1. Internal recruitment:
* No need to spend money in job advertisements or recruitment agencies.
* Use of company newsletters, intranet or staff notice boards.
* Great advantage: provide to the existing employees an incentive to work hard,...

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