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Mastering A Skill Customer Service

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In the work environment, there are many skills that one could learn to make their jobs more efficient. Being in the car business you have hundreds, if not, thousands of people all with different characteristics. Not all customers are going to treat you the same. The one skill that I was lacking when getting in the auto industry was, how do I confront the customers that treat me like I was from the bottom of barrel. There are those that would scream and yell at me because their oil change would take thirty five minutes and I told them it would only take thirty minutes. They would demand to speak to my boss, general manager and owner. I use to take issues like this and take them personally. ...view middle of the document...

For me, all I have to do now is just give them a little more attention and treat them as if “the world evolved around them.” Another example of why I think that this is a skill that everyone should master is what happened to my sister. She is currently a director for a driver’s education school. She came over one day crying because a parent was yelling at her. The parent had been trying to call the school all day wanting to schedule a drive time for their kid. My sister knowing the new schedule was being posted the next day told the customer that they were all booked up for the next month. Her telling me this story, I first recognized the situation and told her she had a “heat case.” I sat down with her and coached her on how to identify the situation and to search for a solution so that everyone walking into and out of the situation will be happy. I told her that next time it happens, explain to them that all current drive times are booked and with the new schedule coming out in just a few days, take...

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