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Massage Essay

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The article is about the study of the effectiveness of massage therapy for sub acute low-back pain. The study was conducted by comparing comprehensive massage therapy, two components of massage therapy, which are soft-tissue manipulation and remedial exercise with posture education, and placebo of sham laser therapy for the treatment of sub acute low-back pain. The subjects for each group were given six treatments within a month. After a month of study, most of the subjects in the comprehensive massage therapy group reported that their sub acute low back pain is completely gone, while majority of the subjects from the other treatment groups reported that they still have pain. ...view middle of the document...

The various treatments used in the study were described in detail. The subjects in the comprehensive massage therapy group were given self-tissue manipulation techniques lasting between 30 and 35 minutes to treat their sub acute back pain. Subjects were also taught stretching exercises and were encouraged to participate in strengthening exercises. They were also educated with posture and body mechanics. Subjects in the soft-tissue manipulation group received only soft-tissue manipulation techniques to treat their back pain. Subjects in the remedial exercise group received only remedial exercise and posture education to treat their back pain. Although the article didn’t specifically state if blinding procedures were used, a placebo control group was used for comparison. The subjects in the placebo group were given sham laser therapy that lasted for about 20 minutes and was set up to look like the subject is being treated but is not.
Various tests and indexes were used to measure the outcome of the study. The Roland Disability Questionnaire and McGill Pain Questionnaire were used to measure the primary outcome measures of the study, which are functionality and pain. The secondary outcome measures of the study, anxiety and lumbar range of motion, were measured by the State Anxiety Index and Modified Schober Test. The researcher chose the right type of tests to measure the outcome of the...

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