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Mass Media And Its Influence Essay

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We are living in a world that is surrounded by the mass media. There are all kinds of mass media around us whether we like it or not, it is part of the modern living lifestyle. The mass media including television, radio, newspaper, internet and advertisements provide us useful information and latest news, have a great influence in shaping people’s ideas. The following are the discussion on how the mass media directly and indirectly affect our thinking and idea.

First, we rely on mass media to provide us latest and updated news that happened around the world. With the latest information technology, we know what is going on in the world in real time. Businessmen and investors have to keep up with the latest information in order to make the right decision for their business and investment. The information includes the current political, economic and social issues in a country. Sometimes, new ideas are invented based on this information as ...view middle of the document...

It seems like they are everywhere. If you bought a fashion magazine, I can assure you that there are about 40% of the pages are advertisements. It is the same for any television program, it always accompanies by all sorts of advertisements to ‘help’ the consumers to choose their products and services over the others. Children are easily influence by the advertisement to buy the latest version of their favorite toys. Recently, my daughter was pestering me to get her the latest ‘Barbie in Pink Shoe’ doll after watching the advertisement in a movie.

We also depend on the mass media for entertainment as well. Most of us grew up with television. It is an important ‘thing’ in a house. You tend to feel incomplete without a television set in a home. You have it in hotel room, restaurant and now even in car. We switch on our television every day for news, movies, dramas, games and educational program. There are many good and informative programs such as National Geographic and Discovery channels. These channels can help us broaden our mind and learn new things. However, we need to choose wisely what to watch as they are lots of programs contain violent and immoral values that might give us negative impacts to our lives. Other than television, another source of entertainment that has great influence to people is the internet. People tend to hook up with their social network programs such as Twitter and Facebook, online games and net surfing. Especially now with the use of smart phones, people are on their phone all the time. We can easily see these phenomena everywhere, especially in restaurant and public transports. This has greatly influence the way we live our life and how we communicate. Just imagine that you are using a chatting program for chatting with another person who is just right in front of you. It seems that the younger generation prefers virtual interaction over physical interaction.

In conclusion, the mass media has great influences and affects our ideas. There are good and bad influences of the mass media. However, we have the choice to choose and think wisely before we make the decision and choose the right information. We need to aware of our purpose in life and not easily influence by others.

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