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Mass Media Essay

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The major developments in the evolution of mass media during the 20th century?
The Mass Media in the 20th century could easily be defined as Mass of Change in technology.
Taking over the world many people weren’t ready nor expected the media to branch out in so many
directions or availability. When this storm of technology approached; many people were left in the
dark not knowing what was about to be offered for them to have access to. From once dialing a
phone number on a rotary telephone to dialing the same number in the 20th century from a car
phone or cellular phone. Having people out evaluating which computer would suit their needs along
with their families and soon becoming familiar with the internet. No need for a computer retail store
to be the last stop on the way home; also stop by and pick out a satellite and make the appointment
to have it installed. I remember all too well living in the country where ...view middle of the document...

To me it is an endless war in the cellphone industry.
While inquiring on my research, I fumbled across a bid of information that took me by surprise. In
the 1400’s when books were just starting to be published and sold. Only the wealthy people could
afford to purchase books.

How did each development influence American culture?
The time “Satellites” were invented and available for the public to purchase, was a joyous
time for those of us who lived in the country. Just as cable TV was making its way to the country
it stopped on the other side of the bridge only a mile from our house. Not knowing the cause of
reasoning it took over two (2) years before cable was available. With only 3 channels to view
you certainly didn’t want to hear the word, “Rerun.” Car phones were installed in the
floorboard of your vehicle allowing you to be able to contact and be reached while you were in
your vehicle. Even now those have been replaced by the handheld cellphones. The sizes of the
first mobile phones were huge and not comfortable to talk on, too now much smaller devices
that can fit in a pocket. Colored printers were invented and many work establishments couldn’t
wait to view how with color would change and make many drafts and graphs easier to read for
all employees. With colored printers available for purchase everything seemed a little brighter.
Can you only imagine attending the first board meeting and showing off the creative side of
yourself with “Colored Portfolio’s” to pass out to the fellow employees? Having a colored
printer at home, students projects became eye catching along with envy of those who hadn’t
purchased one yet. Finally, signing on and waiting for the phone line hook-up from the
computer to sign on to the internet. This was a window that you would and could open nearly
any site a person could think of. No need to wait for the weather to be announced it was there
simply because you typed, “What is the weather here in _______. Yet now you really should
read the web address instead of the title to make sure you’re entering the site you’re searching
for. It is an endless chain of information and entertainment.

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