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The Death of Mass Marketing
Mass marketing is dead, or so the heads of social media companies would like companies to believe. Social media has transformed the foundation of marketing, introducing new protocols, paradigms, and procedures for targeting consumers. Indeed, consumers are using social media to communicate directly with companies whose brands they support, offering invaluable feedback in a nearly continual discursive loop on Twitter and other apps. Yet “personal marketing,” as Spellings (2009) puts it, is not necessarily the most effective means for all companies to manage their marketing strategy.
Some companies still need to, and do, rely on mass marketing to get across their ...view middle of the document...

For large companies, though, mass marketing is the best means to stay fully in control of the marketing strategy, the brand’s identity, and perhaps most importantly, the consumer’s behavior. Mass marketing allows companies to create consumer demand and drive consumer behavior; personal marketing responds to consumer needs and consumer behaviors. Personal marketing is passive and reactive, whereas mass marketing is proactive.
Smaller companies need personal marketing to target a narrow bandwidth of consumers already sympathetic to the product or brand. On the other hand, larger companies need mass marketing to target broader swathes of the population and reach those who would otherwise shun the brand, remain unaware of the product, or unaware of the need the product seeks to fulfill. Mass marketing also enables differentiation and direct responses to competitors. When automobile companies like BMW advertise on television, they do so in strategic ways that help drive their market share. Mass marketing allows companies like this to achieve goals that could not be realized using...

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