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Mass Communication Essay

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Joshurelle V. Santos August 7,2012
BMC I- 1 Prof. Grace Muncada

”Morning Glory”

1. How was the contrast between news and entertainment portrayed in the film? In terms of consumer value or patronize, How would this relate with the TV programs we have now?

- I would say that, when news program is airing, it seems that viewers are quite limited, because most of the viewers are adults. And the fact that it airs early in the morning, where in it’s still dawn. We all know that only few ...view middle of the document...

What’s great about this program is that, it’s just not only entertains but also help the less fortunate people. That’s why eat bulaga has a great impact in the audience because of their good deeds and great bonding of the hosts. I therefore, conclude that television is an excellent medium for teaching, disseminating information, and promoting arts, but it is also a vehicle for entertainment.  It’s a way to peer into another world for amusement and fun. Television offers viewers a needed break from the daily pressures of life, it’s a healthy occupation for the mind. Also, television has a big impact in our lives, which helps us to gain knowledge , and with that knowledge, we are able to discover different things in life with the help of different TV programs.

2. How is the Daybreak similar/different with/from the TV shows/programs you watch today? Cite specific examples (local/foreign)

- Unang Hirit and Good Morning America will be such a great example for this. Because they have varieties of news, such as (sports, entertainment, showbiz, lifestyle & etc) which is similar to daybreak. With the help of their different segments, their ratings might able to increase. And most often, they have celebrity guests, in order to get more audiences in there show. Come to think of it, what would be the outcome of the show, if the only segment is news. For sure, audiences will be few and limited and the ratings will be low as well. Because not all the viewers are fond of news and every person has a different kinds of interests, where in a person will watch a program based on his/her interests. In addition, if your show will target the interests of all ages and it is “pang masa” for sure, your show will get a high rating. Because tv stations pay for the right to air their tv shows. In order to pay for...

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