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Mary Quant: A Woman Who Completed Women And The Youth Culture

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Mary Quant: A woman who completed women and the
youth culture
During the 1960s, although Great Britain was referred
as the empire on which the sun never sets, the nation
itself was too busy in replicating and imitating culture
and arts of France. Even the young nation, United States
had the victory of seizing hegemony right after World War 2,
which hurt the Great Britain’s pride. Not only the nation
itself but also the people of Great Britain desperately
wanted something “British-like,” something of their own.
Furthermore, the social issues for wanting individualism,
having a will to express their own selves, and second wave
of feminism, more liberated life styles for women, ...view middle of the document...

Through her philosophy in
comfortable clothing, she had attributed in introducing a
skirt of which the hemline was set 6 or 7 inches above the
knee into the fashion scene. She named this very short
skirt as “miniskirt,” derived from her favorite make of car,
the Mini. In addition to the miniskirts, she also invented
the colored and patterned tights that tended to accompany
the garment. These designs were viewed as controversial
when it first came into the market, but with the rise of
the young teenagers, they began to accept her style in the
mid 1960s.
She has not only revolutionized the fashion industry,
but also the feminist movement of the 1960s. With the rise
of the second-wave feminism in the 1960s, Quant’s designs
became more popular among the young teenaged girls. Quant
knew how to satisfy these youth who were craving and
seeking for something new in fashion as restrictions of
women reduced. Although women had won over their legal
equality through the first-wave feminism after World War 1,
there were still many women who faced unfair treatments in
their everyday lives. Eventually, miniskirt was viewed as
sign of women’s liberation from the traditional social
structures for young women.
Quant’s attributions of knee-high skirt, hot pants,
patent plastic vinyl jacket, lace-up boots, skinny rib
sweaters in stripes and bold checks became to be known as
the “Chelsea Look.” And this Chelsea look paved a way for
different and liberal fashionable items for women. In 1966,
she created the brightly colored “paint box” makeup sets
and expanded her business by adding a cosmetic line. Quant
always wanted to contribute her liberal ideas to other
women, so she made “be free, be yourself” as mission
statement for her cosmetic business. Through her unlimited
curiosity and experimental ideas to enhance female beauty,
she had also invented the waterproof mascara. With the help
of her husband’s creative marketing ideas, the packaging
and the name of a certain makeup line were creatively
marketed. A range of gel cosmetics was named as Jelly
Babies and was sold in tiny baby bottles.
Quant is also known for her teamwork with Vidal
Sassoon, a British hairdresser who revolutionized and
influenced many liberating ideas that transformed women’s
lives in the...

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