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Martial Arts And Football Essay

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There are a variety of sports in the world and the two that I find the most passion in are mixed martial arts and football. Despite that fact that the two seem to be very opposite of one another there are several similarities and differences between them.

Over the years, the media has displayed controversial opinions towards martial arts and portrays it as being a barbaric sport for promoting violence. Standing on the sidelines and viewing martial arts at a UFC or TV standpoint, giving the benefit of the doubt, this is where most people judge the martial arts sport in comparison to football or any other. In reality, the two sports have an extreme amount of benefits and can also work hand in hand and produce positive outcomes for each team member.

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In turn displays positive outcomes for both sports at hand.This ability holds advantages primarily for those who are less physically engaged or who seem small or weak at stature, jiu jitsu helps to build that strong mental acquisition which in turn gives them the ability to overcome their opponents allowing an advantage in the game of football.

Parents who search for outlets to help their children build up their confidence can find this in football as well as in jiu jitsu training. Most importantly, with an increase of the bullying epidemic, these sports enhance self-defense methods as well as increase their confidence levels.

The similarities between the two will definitely be an eye opener to those who have their disbelieves on martial arts. As a matter of fact, there are some instances as to where Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can be used to help enhance training in football. The reason being is that when the two are combined they carry beneficial outcomes by applying the same key essential skills.

In football, skills such as falling to the ground safely, better known as "break falling" is a great method used to apply in both sports. Blocking and avoiding strikes, are techniques primarily used in MMA and can be used in football as well. Learning how to evade or block your opponents hand, perhaps even manipulate your opponent will help you as the player when faced in certain situations.

Despite the controversial matters, these two sports provide both high endurance cardiovascular training, indestructible mental focus acquisition,and also builds confidence in kids and teens who think they may or may not have the ability to produce positive results due their image as being small or weak. Martial arts trains the mind to be stronger then your opponent in any aspect, regardless of what size or shape you're in.

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