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Marshall Plant Essay

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case study: Teamwork at Marshall’s Processing Plant
Marshalls is one large plant I the Midwestern United States that process corn into fructose syrup used in soft drinks. Marshalls run year around for 24hours a day, with two different components, the wet mill and the refinery. Marshall’s plant is a computerized state-of-art plant and most of the work needs to just be monitoring, maintenance, cleanup, and troubleshooting. The wet mill and refinery has about seventy five worker for each 12 hour shift. There are also about thirty employees who work in the office. It states that about 2 years ago Marshall instituted a team management system to enhance productivity in the plant and improve ...view middle of the document...

I will be discussing how to improve and let everyone know they are involve and no one feels left out or feels like they are unheard. I will discuss how Marshall can improve on his management style by discussing three different types of management; Maslow hierarchy style, McGregor’s theory x and y, and lastly the Blake and Moutons managerial grid.
As I heard what is going on I will like to talk first about the original goals set forth for the team management system used. I think that it was a good intend however, it is using more of human relations than human resources. We will try to get to get this business into the human resources management. Human relation is task- related communication is still used but it is accompaniers by communications that attempted to maintain the quality of human relationships with the organizations. While if using human resources you are considering interactions and input from the employees. The reason I think Marshall is using more of a relation than a resources is because yes he is asking for advice. however, he is still listening and doing what the actually head team wants and not really listening to what the company needs and what the employee thinks is best. The employee are feeling unheard and thing that it is pointless for them to be having these meeting so they are trying to avoid them as much as possible now to get everyone involve, Marshall needs to start listening and actually following up on what the employee need and what.
The current analyze situation at Marshall’s Processing Plant using the theorist that I will be starting off with is Maslow’s. Maslow, I believe he would evaluate the Hierarchy of Needs at Marshall’s. He needs to use at least the first three types of hierarchy which are physiological, safety and affiliation. He needs to know if the work place is comfortable for the workers. Workers will not care about productivity and maximizing efficiency if the air conditioning is broken or there are bugs in there eating and cafe food. Marshall should and need to fit it as soon as possible. He needs to have the workplace feel inviting and should be a nice clean environment and adequate for the needs of the workers. If management expects workers to arrive on time, they need to do their best into making the environment more open for peoples return and not feel so uncomfortable. The second need is for the workplace to be safe and managmentable. See what needs to be improved for the work place to be more enjoyable. See if there is anything you can do to make everything look like it suppose to and safety for employees. Also see if you can have team building exercises, have team and employee fun days. Yes have like three hours of the day when the job is over productive and have a little team picnic, holiday pot lucks. Have the employee want to bring the family in and feel like are wanted and needed. These lower level needs will need to be addressed and achieved in order for workers to...

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