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Marshall & Evans Houseboat Holidays Case Study

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Marshall & Evans Houseboat Holidays

Part A: Current Marketing Situation: SWOT Analysis


Price | * Reasonable cost (not the most expensive) – competitive costing |
Place | * Rideau Canal waterway – popular destination for Canadians and tourists |
Product | * Has necessities like dishes, barbecue, comfortable sleeping quarters for 4, and complimentary bottle of wine |
Promotion | * Five (5) local newspaper advertisements |


Price | * Reasonable cost – competitive cost (which means there are others to choose from) |
Place | * Rideau Canal waterway – there are other competitors inhibiting the waterway and residents are ...view middle of the document...

Product: |
Add more houseboats to the Rideau Canal waterway |
Set in place a “package” deal; Have a tour guide meet with the houseboat halfway through their trip to take them into small towns and see local attractions |
Add more “value-added” items in the boats (i.e. Gas BBQ, sun deck, bar, and other luxurious items) – they may even have some boats with these items and charge renters a higher price, and keep the current cost for the other boats with just the current setting |
Set in place an alternative “package” deal; If a family of 4 rents the houseboat for 8 days, it will be extended to 10 days. And the extended 2 days will be “complimentary” |
Re-vamp the exterior of the boats to give a more luxurious and expensive look – polish any chrome finishes, wax the exterior of the boat, apply a high-gloss finish on the floor, etc. |
Re-vamp the interior of the boats – polish any chrome finishes, put carpeting on the floors, instead of having white coloured appliances, change them into stainless steel appliances; repaint the walls with a modern colour and add decorations, etc. |
Promotion: |
Have someone endorse the company – like a hockey player, or local celebrity |
Add more advertisement in the newspapers, have students hand out flyers, maybe a billboard on the side of a major highway, and local TV ad, and if possible, an appearance on local news |
Promote the complimentary bottle of wine as a “free” item…(consumers love the word – free) |
Set a “free trip giveaway” at a local radio station for a contest and have other ‘secondary’ prizes available (for example, 50% off trip for you and 3 friends in the month of August) |
Set-up advertisement at other local tourist attractions and popular places like travel agencies and shopping malls |
Set-up advertisement in other urban cities like Toronto, Montreal, and maybe the American side of the border like New York, or New Jersey) |
Price: |
As mentioned in the product section of the marketing mix, the boats with “value-added” items can be charged at a higher rate, compared to boats with basic necessities in them |
Have higher and lower rates for...

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