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Marriage In The 1990s Essay

554 words - 3 pages

Debbie Quintero
ENG 102 QJ
Research Paper – Prelim Thesis/Outline

Preliminary Thesis:

Though written in 1993, Christopher Durang’s play Wanda’s Visit is easily relevant to a timeless audience, as spectators to this production are able to relate to the same values that society places on the therapy, marriage and happiness more than two decades later.

“Wanda’s Visit” addresses such adult relationship themes as marriage and happiness in a sometimes ironic, often comic ways, which are easily relatable, even to an audience today.

1. Introduction

“History is cyclical, and it would be foolhardy to assume that the culture wars will never return.” Frank Rich

*Expand to formal introductory paragraph

2. Topic Sentence #1

From the earliest days of Dr. Sigmund Freud introducing us to ...view middle of the document...

* Quote Marsha “Wanda’s visit helped to stir us up in a good way, all told.”

3. Topic Sentence #2

As any of us start out in a marriage, it's common to have some expectations of what we will experience, but then there are the expectations of everyone else and how society views divorce in general, hasn’t changed much in the last decade.

* Marriage rates are the lowest they have been in 20 years
* cite source:
Nat. Bureau of Statistics @
* Discuss how Jim and Marsha are addressing the audience as perhaps a marriage counselor.
* Even today the expectations of society, culture and our families still have lasting impact on how long a couple will stay together to avoid becoming the dreaded statistic.
* Aerobics class, repetition of “it cleared the air” by Jim

4. Topic Sentence #3

Who doesn’t enjoy being happy? Every human strives to accomplish this feat in one way or another throughout life. Whether it is getting married and moving into suburban khaki bliss as Jim and Marsha have or Wanda’s wild adventures with the mob, each of us from the beginning to end of time, just wants to be happy.

* Wanda’s sudden breakdown
* Different views of their past relationship
* Regret over the one that got away
* Quote Marsha’s last line

5. Conclusion

Playwright Durang depicts how humans are an unhappy species through Jim, Marsha, and Wanda in the play Wanda’s Visit, along with showing a variety of other emotions humans are capable of possessing. Durang compares two different lifestyles, both leading to a not quite so happy ending, for any of the characters.

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